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A Princess's Adventure and Dangerous Trip , October 20, 2022
by reyryan
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A nice combination of interactive fiction and old rpg games,reminding me of Magium and the Great Tournament, The Princess of Vestria recounts the valiant story of the future queen-to-be Imelda the I. it starts off with Imelda's brother who has fallen unconscious from an unknown disease. She hears of the theories surrounding the illness and goes to find more clues about it after having a talk with the king and the people who thought of the theories. The dream was the final push for her to go on a secret and dangerous trip to find the cure for her brother's sickness.

Choices to choose from,routes to walk on and death endings galore. Luck and Life are the elements what determine the ending you get after each choice you make. This is one of those games where you have to think twice before making a choice recklessly or you'll be punished with a death sentence though luck could be on your side sometimes.

I'd like to know more about the kingdom or royal court's lore if possible because it didn't make sense to me the whole thing of "forgetting to inform one of the two heirs to the throne" about what happened to another member of the royal family. And the king was very... bland? He seems like a flat character when compared with the princess or all the other courtiers/characters.

It's a good game but it needs a little more work in expanding the worldbuilding and on some of the interactions between Imelda and the other characters just like with her father.

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