The Sword of Rhivenia

by Ayan Mammadli


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Life As a Royal in Rhivenia, October 31, 2022
by reyryan
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A Hosted Games interactive fiction where the main character,the youngest of the four heirs to the Rhivenian throne, lives in an almost dysfunctional royal family.With a distant father who plays favourites with his children+wives and a mother who is loving to her youngest, with siblings and a half-sibling,the heir has the opportunity to forge familial relationships and form friendships with other characters. Later on,based on their conviction and some stats,the main character might be chosen by the Sword as the next Monarch. Either way,the heir or new monarch will have to deal with the new threat looming over Rhivenia along with keeping the population happy.

Only the first Book was published earlier this year with the book 2 demo yet to be publically released. Being a fantasy, medieval-themed "navigating through MC's life" story, it was highly anticipated and I mostly enjoyed the story. The lore is interesting to think about,but you should always keep in mind that there are elements of fantasy to it. The sibling relationships are the scenes I enjoyed the most in this book.

Now let's go to the stats system in the book.There were unnecessary stats in this book where as a player I waste my time on them,but they aren't used at all. The author says that this stats are going to be used on book 2, but either way,it irked a lot of the players. The stats could be put there only if both book 1 and 2 were released in one go. There is also a need to add some more scenes with the romantic options for some of them to feel satisfying.

All things considered,I would recommend other players to give the game a try to form an opinion for it,otherwise they should wait for book 2 to be released and play both the book one after another.

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