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Playing Exquisite Corpse over Bottles of Wine, October 31, 2022

A meeting between three old friends discussing their artistic life while playing a fun game they had just discovered the day before. At least that's how it should have gone had it not been for one particular oversight: the main character,plagued with writer's block and self-doubt/hatred, that has been isolating themselves from everyone,even their dear friends.

This is a game about friendship and exploring human relationships. The friendship between the main character and the other two (Spoiler - click to show) Renaud and Camille is deteriorating and it depends on the player to choose whether to work on saving it or just let fate do its work while various human relationships are shown through the (gossip) conversation.

It gives insight on how an artist experiences the world around them and how they cope with their emotions. It's not only the aspect of art being like oxygen to an artist but the story also deals with a more realistic and down-to-earth aspect being the money and appreciation of their art by others. If their needs are not satisfied and they feel frustrated by everything around them, it's only natural that, like every other human, they are going to find ways on how to cope with their life.

There are also French terms used throughout the story whose English translation is given once you click on them.

The game has a "story mode" which is still to be completed, on one of the routes, and an endless mode that can be unlocked after a certain number Exquisite Corpse rounds. It's a very fun game and fitting for an MC who has writer's block. If you can't think of any words, you are provided with a list of random words on one of the widgets. If you want to see all the sentences created on each round and mode,there is another widget that helps with that. Overall it's a well-designed UI to make the playing experience as much enjoyable for the player as possible.

I'm refraining from rating the game because I'll wait until the final version is published for the story mode,but I'd definitely recommend trying out the game to see if it works for you.

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manonamora, October 31, 2022 - Reply
Thank you for the review!
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