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Author of A Killer Headache and co-author of Gigantomania and Kerkerkruip (version 9+)

Interactive Fiction by Mike Ciul

A Killer Headache, by Mike Ciul (2012)
(20 ratings)
The apocalypse is over. The human race lost. You're hungry. And you have a hell of a headache. Discretionary warning: This game is violent, scatological, and eschatological.

Gigantomania, by Michelle Tirto and Mike Ciul (2010)
(21 ratings)
Living under the Stalin era, in four parts.

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Doing things backwards - 21 votes for 12 games; created December 3, 2010
Games that take traditional IF tasks and puzzles, and do them backwards or subvert them in a clever way. Thanks to olethros on raif for...

Reviews by Mike Ciul

Spellbreaker, by Dave Lebling   September 18, 2009
"Despite the fact that this game is incredibly linear, especially at the end, it has a remarkable way of making you feel like you can do..." - See the full review

The Lurking Horror, by Dave Lebling   July 24, 2009
"I played The Lurking Horror right after Anchorhead, which served to highlight the limitations of Infocom's older games. The Lurking..." - See the full review

Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton   March 27, 2009
"It took me a long time to really get into Worlds Apart, but the end it was rewarding. Worlds Apart was far from my first game, and maybe..." - See the full review

Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin   June 4, 2008
"After hearing many complaints of the lack of long-form games, I was shocked at the size and quality of this game. There is no need to..." - See the full review

Ballyhoo, by Jeff O'Neill   June 4, 2008
"I played Ballyhoo with a friend of mine, and it was a great way to experience it. I'm sort of a fan of the circus, and I think this game..." - See the full review

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Kerkerkruip, by Victor Gijsbers
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Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
The Lurking Horror, by Dave Lebling
Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry

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