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I rate games absolutely, ie. without taking into account their age, background, etc., but based purely on my enjoyment while playing them. This means I could rate an old game * even though it'd be rated ***** 25 years ago. Sorry.

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No map necessary - 68 votes for 40 games; created December 1, 2009
Pieces which can be fully enjoyed without drawing map, ideally without taking any notes whatsoever. Ones which you could play on a bus,...

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Strained Tea, by Joey Jones   May 20, 2018
"I loled when I “won the game” in one move I really didn't expect to work. If you think about it, it makes a good philosophical point of..." - See the full review

Trading Punches, by Mike Snyder   December 3, 2009
"The game-world is well thought-out, fleshed out, and told in such a graphic way that the illustrations are almost redundant. I loved the..." - See the full review

Deadline Enchanter, by Alan DeNiro   December 2, 2009
"One reviewer said you don't play this game, but rather let it play you - and that's exactly what it does. It takes you on a breathtaking..." - See the full review

A Parallax Dream, by Andrew MacKinnon   November 28, 2009
"I realize that SpeedIFs tend to follow their own rules, but this one is utterly devoid of anything of interest. It feels like a mnemonic..." - See the full review

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Ombre, by Andrew Plotkin, Hugo Labrande, Monsieur Bouc
Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
Painted World, by Glitterbug
Conscientia - The Book of Eidos, by Bruce Burns and Eliot Corley
Monsters: Apocalypse Chapter 2, by Magic Orange

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