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If you think I've rated a game far too low, there's a good chance I've excluded my rating from its average. I don't rate low out of spite, I promise. A rating is just a reflection of my personal taste and whether I think the game is interesting and worth a prospective player's time.

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Eat Me, by Chandler Groover   May 16, 2021
"Adventure game protagonists tend to be greedy-grabby types, yeah? Fitting, then, that a child is the protagonist here, with sickly sweets..." - See the full review

Starcross, by Dave Lebling   October 26, 2018
"I needed several hints to finish Starcross and am slightly bitter about it. Not because the game is unfair, but because I really like..." - See the full review

The Gostak, by Carl Muckenhoupt   March 26, 2014
"This is a game for experienced players, not just because it practically requires knowledge of genre conventions, but because the way The..." - See the full review