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Interactive Fiction by bkirwi

Assembly, by Ben Kirwin (2023)
(20 ratings)
Today has been an extraordinarily long day. You picked up the keys to your new apartment in the morning, you went shopping for furniture in the afternoon, and you've spent the evening putting it...

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Marie Waits, by Dee Cooke   April 10, 2023
"I played this one all the way through in one go. This is because it is rather short (three hours of diagetic time, quite a bit less of..." - See the full review

Wry, by Olaf Nowacki   April 16, 2022
"First off: while the game description does contain the word "erotic", it's not actually particularly explicit or anything; while the..." - See the full review

The Bones of Rosalinda, by Agnieszka Trzaska   April 14, 2022
"Narratively, this is a lighthearted and comic fantasy story; mechanically, it's an interesting mix choice-based game with RPG-style..." - See the full review

Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short   December 19, 2021
"There's little about the game that hasn't been touched on in other reviews, but, a few things that struck me in particular - The..." - See the full review

Codex Sadistica: A Heavy-Metal Minigame, by grave snail games   October 18, 2021
"The main blurb gets the premise across pretty well: you're in a metal band, the (terrible) act ahead of you in the lineup is running over..." - See the full review