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Linear, plot-driven parser puzzler, April 10, 2023

I played this one all the way through in one go. This is because it is rather short (three hours of diagetic time, quite a bit less of mine) but it is also because it is tense and tightly paced; I'm not sure what the IF equivalent of a page-turner is, but this is definitely that.

The game itself is a linear series of classic parser puzzles, none very difficult, all reasonably well clued, and most tied to progress in the story. (A bit artificial, since most of it is our character explaining more of the backstory, but narratively it works just fine.) Normally I appreciate a little more freedom and challenge in a game, but in this context I think this all well - it's more of a gauntlet to run than a world to explore, and complex puzzles would have spoiled the fast pace and made the time limit frustrating.

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