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Semi-occasional player of IF until summer 2019, when I started creating my own text adventures with the Adventuron system. Still more of a creator than a player, but gradually exploring a few old classics.

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Interactive Fiction by Dee Cooke

Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge, by Dee Cooke (2022)
(13 ratings)
On a hot summer weekend, all Olivia Raines wants to do is get on with her studies for her upcoming exams. But her unreliable aunt, Beverly, has gone missing, and Olivia finds herself unwillingly...

Morris, by Dee Cooke (2021)
(7 ratings)
The bells. The bells! You left it too late to leave the pub... and now THEY are here. How are you going to escape them this time? You are in the pub... but you've stayed too long. It's the Pokey...

Waiting for the Day Train, by Dee Cooke (2021)
(11 ratings)
It's been a long journey through the night. The last one, you hope. Today is the last chance you have to catch the day train - a train that will take you to a world of eternal daylight, where you...

Marie Waits, by Dee Cooke (2023)
(13 ratings)
Three hours. All you can do is wait... or is it?

The Last Mountain, by Dee Cooke (2023)
(5 ratings)
You're out on the mountain again for the Merrithorne Mountain Race, your friend Susan by your side as ever. But something is different this time. Susan is struggling, and your chances of finishing...

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The Missing Witch, by Dawn Mary Mac
Meeting Time, by RobTheFiveNine
The Manor on top of the Hill, by Kalyen

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