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Very funny and not too erotic, April 16, 2022
by bkirwi
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First off: while the game description does contain the word "erotic", it's not actually particularly explicit or anything; while the protagonist certainly has a vivid and prurient imagination, nothing is spelled out in uncomfortable detail, and the humour is more in the bashfulness of the character than the raunchiness of the jokes.

This is a short and quite funny game. One gets points for poking around the room and unlocking amusing little bits of text, or making progress through a rube-goldbergian comedy of errors. Aside from some lingering default messages, the protagonist's voice suffuses the game, keeping things appropriately humorous and light throughout; there was some occasional awkwardness in the language, but this didn't feel out of place given the general awkwardness of the protagonist.

Like other reviewers, I found the final ending a little abrupt. It comes by surprise; doesn't clearly connect to anything the protagonist was up to, and feels more like a puzzle to be solved than a satisfying conclusion to the story. (And since there's no walkthrough from the author, I'm still not certain of this!) In any case, playing around and trying to ramp up your score seems to be enough to get you the three distinct endings mentioned in the blurb, and is certainly a nice way to spend the 15-30 minutes you're likely to need to get there.

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