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Author/illustrator. I do historicals, mostly.

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Interactive Fiction by katz

The House of Fear, by Gwen Katz (2011)
(3 ratings)
When 19-year-old Leonora Carrington runs away to France with an artist twice her age, she doesn’t know that she’ll end up in a Spanish mental asylum and he in a concentration camp. Follow her on a...

The Adventures of Houdini, by Gwen Katz (2012)
(4 ratings)
Scurry, scurry, dig, nibble, scurry...wait, did someone leave the cage door open?

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Apocalypse How - 21 votes for 11 games; created January 2, 2012
Post-apocalyptic games: equal parts cliche and fun. Authors are free to dispense with pesky NPCs, complicated modern technology, and...

Reviews by katz

The Salt Keep, by Small Gray Games   February 24, 2023
"You arrive in town only to find it abandoned. Where are the villagers? What happened to them? This familiar setup quickly moves into a..." - See the full review

when i was shot by elephants definiteive editiom, by no m3rcy   May 2, 2012
"Is why we can't have nice things."

Calm, by Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy   April 30, 2012
"First off: The premise of Calm is brilliant. Earth has been decimated by a fungus that causes stress to kill you. Like any proper..." - See the full review

You've Got a Stew Going!, by Ryan Veeder   December 3, 2011
"Even accounting for the elusive last point, this is still an extremely short, simple game. I kept encountering situations where I..." - See the full review

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin   July 6, 2011
"Surrealist interactive fiction is largely an untapped resource, and this well-written and well-crafted little game shows what the genre..." - See the full review

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