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Most of my reviews are just a record of me playing through award-winning games, in chronological order, and discovering what I like and don't like in IF. They are pretty much all reposted from my blog I started to chronicle this progress: gentle hart desire, where I occasionally write more expansive reviews and thoughts on the medium.

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The Wizard's Castle, by Joseph R. Power   April 29, 2012
"This isn't going to be a normal review. I completely unfairly give this game five stars, for instance. And I'm giving it five stars..." - See the full review

Don't Pee Yourself!, by Hulk Handsome   April 27, 2012
"I admit that I did laugh while playing this game. If it is of any significance, it is as a "commentary" on the frustration of old text..." - See the full review

Small World, by Andrew D. Pontious   April 27, 2012
"What a cute game is this! What a nice little thing! Small World is not a "deep" game, and it doesn't tackle any big issues like fate or..." - See the full review

Tapestry, by Daniel Ravipinto   April 25, 2012
"Tapestry. You've died, and now are confronted by the tapestry of your life, woven by Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos: the fates of Greek..." - See the full review

So Far, by Andrew Plotkin   April 24, 2012
"Well, I donít know how to start writing about this game. Really I donít. I know that I liked it, so Iíll start there. I liked it far more..." - See the full review

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The Edifice, by Lucian P. Smith
Glowgrass, by Nate Cull
A Little Like Rogue, by ifnyou
Kerkerkruip, by Victor Gijsbers
The Space Under the Window, by Andrew Plotkin

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