Don't Pee Yourself!

by Hulk Handsome profile

Slice of life

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Good for a laugh, April 27, 2012
by Rymbeld (Greensboro, NC)

I admit that I did laugh while playing this game. If it is of any significance, it is as a "commentary" on the frustration of old text adventures (Jeremy Douglass calls it "frustration aesthetics"). I mean, pretty much you just have to go pee. The problem is figuring out what you need to do to pee, since the game doesn't tell you this until you pee yourself and you fail. But every time you fail, you learn one new thing about the PC.

Of course, in actuality the game is pretty stupid and juvenile. You might laugh, but then forget about it. It is taking me longer to write this review than to play through the game to completion.