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My fascination with IF began with an adventure game I played on my friend's TRS-80 home computer: Scott Adam's Mystery Funhouse. This occurred in the mid-80's. In 1984 I started a small game company called MindMeld Software. We commercially produced a grand total of four games, which actually sold. Around about then, this "fad" of graphics hit the computer world and I was hired by Electronic Arts to work on such games. I then went on and formed another game company and ran that for nine years. Textual IF had long since become unprofitable and so my new company did not focus on it, but we did manage to swing a contract for two games that were to appear on a games website for the visually impaired. No profitable IF since then. I never lost the love, however, and for a few years I managed a web site called Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive. When my company closed, I lost access to the web host and so the site closed, too. There are now many other sites that do a much better job of bringing IF together, along with reviews and discussions, so I have not tried to resurrect that since. I have a number of IF titles in the works, but until lately have not had enough time to properly devote to them. Hopefully, that is changing now.

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Interactive Fiction by Pete Gardner

Beneath Fenwick, by Pete Gardner (2021)
(9 ratings)
Fenwick is a serene, nineteenth-century township located deep within the wetland regions of western New England. Only a short drive from the storied academy known as Ealdian College, you have long...

Awakening, by Pete Gardner (2009)
(15 ratings)

Awakening on the ground next to an open grave, you have no recollection of how you came to be there. Do you investigate the nearby church and graveyard, or leave well enough alone?

Mordred Manor, by Pete Gardner (1987)
(3 ratings)

- From the packaging: You are lost, on Hallowe'en Night! The only way out of an endless back alley is through a decrepit old house known only to few as Mordred Manor. Are you prepared, in the...

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Reviews by Pete Gardner

Mystery Fun House, by Scott Adams   January 25, 2010
"I swear, to this day I have dreams of chewing some gum, putting it on the end of a branch, and using it to fish a coin out of a sewer..." - See the full review

Theatre, by Brendon Wyber   January 25, 2010
"Encore! Author! Theatre is a wonderfully moody work of IF in which the player is stranded in a creepy old theatre with no apparent way..." - See the full review

Phantom of the Arcade 2: Shadows, Darkness, and Dread, by Susan Arendt, John Moulton   January 21, 2010
"I'm happy to report that Phantom of the Arcade 2 is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor in a number of ways. The writing,..." - See the full review

Phantom of the Arcade, by Susan Arendt, John Moulton, and Russ Pitts   January 21, 2010
"I have always been a sucker for spooky games. Anything haunted, whether it be a house, an asylum, an abandoned church building, an..." - See the full review

The Coast House, by Stephen Newton and Dan Newton   January 15, 2010
"The goal of The Coast House is unclear, but the atmosphere is good. This is a mystery that follows the player as he searches the home of..." - See the full review