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Place and Time, by Stephen Lavelle   January 18, 2021
"It doesn't try to make decent use of those words involved, either. You could play this story in the same time you read this review and..." - See the full review

Blackbirds, by Negative   January 15, 2021
"Starts off with "you rape her" as the only option then " - See the full review

Suzy's Strange Saga, by Endmaster   January 2, 2021
"SSS is a larger game, clocking in at over 300,000 words. All personalities have a depth I haven't seen prior to this story, and..." - See the full review

Creatures of the Snow, by Bill Ingersoll   December 31, 2020
"This story was very appealing for its atmosphere and the interactions between the main character and her fox, which gave a lot of life to..." - See the full review

A Very Special Choose Your Story, by EndMaster   December 31, 2020
"This game is rife with blatant ruthless humor you'd have to enjoy in order to enjoy the game. Don't take it seriously. With that said,..." - See the full review

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