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Suzy's Strange Saga

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Deep characters and plot drive this story, January 2, 2021

SSS is a larger game, clocking in at over 300,000 words. All personalities have a depth I haven't seen prior to this story, and everything is consistent between branches. Actions you perform on Suzy's behalf are reflected in changes to her personality, and you get to see many sides to her character; the depth shown in characters and their dialog really drew me in. I recommend at least playing to an epilogue (intended endpoint, they're called "epilogues" in the story) for all 3 starting options.

Keep in mind SSS can be pretty dark, with sex and murder showing up variously throughout. As long as you don't mind that and loose grammar, the story is rich and detailed, with lots of space for dialog, spoken and internal.

The narrative tone sometimes came off casually like character dialog, but fleetingly. I don't have much else to criticize; the storytelling aspect is incredible.