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Interactive Fiction by roboman

The 4 Edith, by Roboman (2015)
(2 ratings)

Food, Drink, Girls, by Roboman (2015)
(5 ratings)
La Petite Mort entry in ECTOCOMP 2015.

Edith's Cats, by Roboman (2016)
(4 ratings)
La Petite Mort entry in ECTOCOMP 2016.

4 Edith + 2 Niki, by fishandbeer (2022)
(22 ratings)
How to renew an old story? Put some new circumstances into the game. An old dating sim of mine, made for Twiny Jam is completed with a few new details.

The Sentence Editor, by roboman (2017)
You're a well-known blogger in the country. You're almost 40, the member of the boomerang generation. You fight against parental oppression, which says: "The only thing you can do is editing...

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Reviews by roboman

Traveller's Log, by Null Sandez   April 18, 2023
"There is 2 ways to beat the game. As a warrior we don't have to other chance to walk around in the "labrinth" and collect the money on..." - See the full review

Edith's Cats, by Roboman   July 14, 2019
""CATastrophe In this game you take the role of a political prisoner on the day of his release in an unlikely dystopian future set four..." - See the full review

Dreamland, by Tatiana Statsenko (as eejitlikeme)   November 1, 2018
"First it was a bit hard to me to find out what is the task in this game. It's a rather short, and maybe a bit surreal interactive..." - See the full review

Behind the Door, by eejitlikeme   October 23, 2018
"This was my favourite from last year's IFComp. I don't know Quest engine, but it was a fusion of parser and CYOA games as i can observe..." - See the full review

The skinny one., by Annie Z.   October 24, 2017
"I think it would be a very good game in the style of DQ. But there are bugs at certain points, which made unplayable some branch of the..." - See the full review

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You Couldn't Have Done That, by Ann Hugo
Miss No-Name, by Bellamy Briks
OK Boomer: The Game, by E.I. Wong
Vampire Ltd, by Alex Harby
Arram's Tomb, by James Beck

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