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Political nightmarish whatever, July 14, 2019


In this game you take the role of a political prisoner on the day of his release in an unlikely dystopian future set four years from now. This game does earn the credit of being the first game that I have deducted points for grammatical errors and typos...I think ever. I understand there is a three hour time limit, but reading this game felt like the equivalent of rubbing broken shards of glass into my eyes. I managed to get to Edith's home somehow, "talk" wasn't implemented, it was pretty obvious the direction the game wanted you to go so I tried about a dozen subtle commands, couldn't figure it out and thought to myself "it couldn't possibly be" [open the game up in developer] sure enough it was that...then some violence happens and more rubbing glass into my eyes. It wasn't the worst thing I ever played."

Billy Mays

Sorry for the typos and the grammar. But I have no time to correct them. On Monday I will be taken to psychiatry, and... who knows? :-( "Talk" will be never implemented. :-)