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The Bibliophile, by Marshal Tenner Winter   April 22, 2014
"Ready for another Lovecraftian tale? As the author says, this one is set in Baltimore. He created an explorable environment, including..." - See the full review

Dark Carnival, by Marshal Tenner Winter   September 29, 2013
"This game continues the author's "anonymous detective" series. As the previous instalments, this IF is quite short and based on a..." - See the full review

Ill Wind, by Marshal Tenner Winter   May 20, 2013
"Ill wind is the third IF of the author based on a Call of Cthulu scenario, featuring the same nameless detective present in the other..." - See the full review

First Times, by Hero Robb   April 12, 2013
"Considering the features of the quest system, and this being the author's first game, First Times is a very good game. The writing is..." - See the full review

Castronegro Blues, by Marshal Tenner Winter   March 19, 2013
"Castronegro is a well written plot-driven mystery game with some vague Lovecraftian elements, featuring the same nameless main character..." - See the full review

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Jesse Stavro's Doorway, by Marshal Tenner Winter
Through Time, by MC Book
The Story of Mr. P, by Hannes Schueller
A Game of Life and Death, by Kiel Farren
Adventures of a Hexagon, by Tyler Zahnke

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