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I love adventure games.

I kind of dislike the term Interactive Fiction though and prefer to call the games "text adventures", free of any pretension or of attempts to differentiate story elements and puzzle elements within games.

The first game I played was "L" on the BBC Micro at my Primary School Computer Club, and I was completely hooked. Then my Spectrum 48k played host to such titles as The Hobbit, Scott Adams/Brian Howarth's games, especially Gremlins, and John Wilson's excellent Zenobi titles which kind of concluded at the Spectrum's demise. Continued with public domain Amiga text adventure titles at the same time as I became enthralled by point-and-click adventures such as Operation Stealth, the amazing KGB, the LucasArts games, etc. I think of the two genres as different flavours rather than as competitive formats. Presently enjoying working through various titles on my Android, especially the Infocom classics, and grabbing new games on Steam at exponential rates.

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The Black Sanctum, by Stephen O'Dea & Bob Withers   January 17, 2011
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The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin   January 17, 2011
"Andrew Plotkin's Dreamhold (2004) was apparently written as a tutorial, a game I decided to play using Hunky Punk, an interpreter for z5..." - See the full review

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Magnetic Moon [8-bit versions], by Larry Horsfield
Will Not Let Me Go, by Stephen Granade
1958: Dancing With Fear, by Victor Ojuel
Mountains of Ket, by R. A. McCormack

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