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Hi, I'm Troy. I'm a fairly new author of IF-- with one released game as of this writing-- but I have been playing IF since I was a kid.

Other interests in addition to IF include Esperanto, ballroom dancing, board games, science fiction, and Bible history.

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Interactive Fiction by trojo

Dragon Flies Like Labradorite, by Troy Jones III (2011)
(6 ratings)
"You're in a right proper mess now. That blasted dragonfly has gone and disappeared, and what's more, you're down to your last farthing..." This game was released as an entrant in the Thanksgiving...

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Speed IFs that are awesome - 46 votes for 23 games; created December 27, 2011
Expectations for Speed-IFs are generally low, but sometimes games written as Speed-IFs are in fact awesome-- not just "awesome for a...

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New Cat, by Poster   November 18, 2011
"In this game you are a kitten exploring your owner's house from a kittenly perspective. This is an interesting idea for a short,..." - See the full review

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