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My Great Return, by K1ngkill3r35   January 6, 2015
"I pulled this game up at random, decided to give it a try despite its low rating, and the first thing I noticed was the godawful link..." - See the full review

Little Bird, by Socks Meanie (as Dick Dawson)   January 5, 2015
"You hear a twitter, and next thing you know you're smuggling a bluebird out of a hotel lobby in a surreal police state. The game's best..." - See the full review

Rider In The Mist, by Roy Mathur   January 2, 2015
"If you like dark, bloody sword-and-sorcery, you might enjoy the writing style. The story, though, is underwhelming and uncompelling...." - See the full review

The Girl in the Haunted House, by Amanda Lange   January 1, 2015
"This game's best feature is its replayability. Each plot possiblility is pretty short -- just long enough to build up to a good scare --..." - See the full review

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin   December 31, 2014
"Very well written -- moody, evocative, and not too heavy-handed -- but I found steadily declining pleasure in it, especially once I got..." - See the full review

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