My Great Return

by K1ngkill3r35


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Well, that's a minute I'll never get back., January 6, 2015

I pulled this game up at random, decided to give it a try despite its low rating, and the first thing I noticed was the godawful link color -- medium pink on a medium blue background. Instant eyestrain.

The second thing I noticed was the writing, which defies description. I'll just give you a sample:

(Spoiler - click to show)"It all started when Kory appeared in your life, he seemed normal but you soon learned he was persistent on ruining your life. Kory started to take multiple things from your life and soon he completely took everything from you leaving you nothing but your clothes because that would be weird if he took your clothes."

Then I started feeling my way through the choices, which didn't take long -- one of the "wrong" choices just links back to the "right" choice, the others are all instakills, and restarting after an instakill only takes a few seconds because the game is only four pages deep...

...and then it stops, practically in mid-sentence. I'll save you a minute and spoil the ending:

(Spoiler - click to show)You don't get revenge on Kory. You don't make a "Great Return." You don't see "The Void," or use the magic doodad you're shopping for, or learn what it does, or find out what a magic shop is doing in a "sci-fi" game in the first place.