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Interactive Fiction by Lance Campbell

Stuff of Legend, by Lance Campbell (2020)
(21 ratings)
The only thing worse than being a village idiot is being an unemployed village idiot. Maybe itís time to change careers. Maybe itís time to be a knight.

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Games featuring a central evolving puzzle mechanism - 30 votes for 14 games; created December 16, 2020
Looking for any games that feature a core puzzle mechanism that the player masters and expands upon throughout the game. The puzzle...

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Antique Panzitoum, by Caleb Wilson (as Abandoned Pools)   August 9, 2020
"Antique Panzitoum is a work of interactive fiction that needs to be understood within a certain context. It was an entrant, and second..." - See the full review

You've Got a Stew Going!, by Ryan Veeder   February 23, 2020
"Okay, I made up the portmanteau "gameunculus" for the title, but it gets results in a Google search so it must be real. You've Got a Stew..." - See the full review

10pm, by litrouke   February 22, 2020
"This is a fairly short and simple IF work that I originally thought was a built in Texture because of the game mechanics. The fact that..." - See the full review

(do not) forget, by lectronice   February 22, 2020
"(do not) forget is a strange and beautiful Twine game, an amalgamation of genres, some sort of psychedelic, philosophical, retro,..." - See the full review

Mindful, by Ian Michael Waddell   January 30, 2020
"Mindful is a very short game that is difficult to review without creating spoilers for the story. I played it without any context other..." - See the full review

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