You've Got a Stew Going!

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A Ryan Veeder Gameunculus, February 23, 2020
by Lance Campbell (United States)

Okay, I made up the portmanteau "gameunculus" for the title, but it gets results in a Google search so it must be real.

You've Got a Stew Going! is Ryan Veeder's first published game. It is a simpler, smaller adventure that contains the essential ingredients recognizable in all of his IF works: good storycraft and characters, clever writing, a good sense of humor, a detailed implementation, and a focus on a positive and fun player experience. I had a great time playing it and I look forward to trying out more of Ryan's games.

If anyone is interested in an augmented experience while playing this game, Ryan made a PodCast called Clash of the Type-ins where he narrates games and gives insights on the authoring process for his games. You've Got a Stew Going! is featured in Episode One. If you want to avoid spoilers, you probably will want to play the game prior to listening to the episode.