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Interactive Fiction by Ray

When I Was Shot By Elephants III, by Ray (2012)
(7 ratings)

A tribute to NOM3RCY's unfinished trilogy, this story tells what really happened when i was shot by elephants.

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my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz   November 13, 2013
"...you might just as well bury yourself along. But you'll enjoy the experience nevertheless! All the time I was wondering how the author..." - See the full review

Bell Park, Youth Detective, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy   October 4, 2013
"This CYOA is fairly competently written and mildly amusing at first, but gets increasingly boring when the player, or should I say,..." - See the full review

Myriad, by Porpentine   August 7, 2012
"A game representative of adolescent fiction - full of anger and expletives, apparently trying to convey some artsy-fartsy gloomy-shadowy..." - See the full review

when i was shot by elephants 2 super elephants, by no m3rcy   May 30, 2012
"Another fresh gust of creative juice from a widely unrecognized and probably soon forgotten IF author. True to his nick, NOM3RCY doesn't..." - See the full review

The Statue Got Me High, by Ryan Veeder   May 4, 2012
"I suppose the game's driving idea is to make opaque references to some music band I neither know nor like. There is not enough context..." - See the full review

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