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my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz

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When you set out digging too deep..., November 13, 2013
by Ray might just as well bury yourself along. But you'll enjoy the experience nevertheless! All the time I was wondering how the author was going to get away with his wild premise... (Spoiler - click to show)And I'm afraid he really didn't.

Bell Park, Youth Detective, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy

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Much text, few choices, October 4, 2013
by Ray

This CYOA is fairly competently written and mildly amusing at first, but gets increasingly boring when the player, or should I say, reader, is bombarded with page loads of text with only a few and useless choices to be made. The story is improbable enough to make me lose attention while at the same time not wacky enough to keep me entertained (unlike the author's earlier piece about bees). So I skipped from about half-way through till the unspectacular end.

Myriad, by Porpentine

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Expletive-spiced nonsense, August 7, 2012
by Ray

A game representative of adolescent fiction - full of anger and expletives, apparently trying to convey some artsy-fartsy gloomy-shadowy emotional anguish while sacrificing a consistent storyline. I suspect it would be highly possible (but just as pointless) to procedurally generate this sort of crap.

when i was shot by elephants 2 super elephants, by no m3rcy

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Second installment, in constant quality, May 30, 2012
by Ray

Another fresh gust of creative juice from a widely unrecognized and probably soon forgotten IF author.

True to his nick, NOM3RCY doesn't pamper the audience with polished language or nuanced story. Rather, he delivers his unrelenting historical message in a harshly unorthographic manner, which is surely going to raise at least a few eyebrows of an IF purist. As the drama continues and the unsettling main plot unfolds, there is a brief sense of advancement by the protagonist, which is however soon offset by the reintroduction of the original horror/mystery theme.

The fans, who barely managed to get through yesterday's holding of breath, now bite their lips nervously, looking forward to a conclusion of this epic trilogy. We still expect some final answers to questions raised in the prologue, although our current level of anticipation matches the author's literary prowess.

The Statue Got Me High, by Ryan Veeder

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Obscure plot, annoying puzzle, May 4, 2012
by Ray

I suppose the game's driving idea is to make opaque references to some music band I neither know nor like. There is not enough context provided inside to understand what it is all about - it drops you into some dinner preparation scene pretty much without any explanation of who you or the other mentioned characters are. Even the introductory text is difficult to understand and doesn't connect to the initial scene, which is probably meant to make the player curious but instead just seems annoying. Early in the game it becomes apparent that there isn't going to be much story, but rather some bothersome puzzles to solve - which is where I quit.

The Djinni Chronicles, by J. D. Berry

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Memorable, May 4, 2012
by Ray

The first few sentences of this game stuck in my mind for years: "An implosion of purpose. A summons from mere existence. The blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah."

Call me strange, but for this rhythm alone and the evocative strangeness of the core idea the game deserves five stars - I don't care for the plot or puzzles.

when i was shot by elephants definiteive editiom, by no m3rcy

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Fourth part of the awesome trilogy, May 2, 2012
by Ray

As good-looking as ever.

when i was shot by elephants conclusion: the decision, by no m3rcy

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The great decision was made, April 9, 2012
by Ray

We spent what felt like two long days in super-anguish awaiting the ultimate conclusion to the humanities' great saga and the definitive last word in Interactive Fiction. Our joy was beyond description when we discovered that this tireless author managed to triple the amount of content in comparison to previous parts in such a short period of time and still found more energy to introduce a fitting seasonal religious theme into the main story. It is this sort of sustained individual effort which makes the works of established IF authors - and unworthy imitation attempts by fans - pale in comparison.

Rated one star to honor the true uniqueness and conclusive finality of this masterpiece.

when i was shot by elephants, by no m3rcy

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Too many open ends, April 8, 2012
by Ray

Who were the elephants? How many were there? Why did they shoot? We hold our collective breath in suspense, awaiting a sequel to this cruel, but deeply captivating story (rated 1 star for first class).

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