The Statue Got Me High

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Episode 6 of Apollo 18 Tribute Album

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Obscure plot, annoying puzzle, May 4, 2012
by Ray

I suppose the game's driving idea is to make opaque references to some music band I neither know nor like. There is not enough context provided inside to understand what it is all about - it drops you into some dinner preparation scene pretty much without any explanation of who you or the other mentioned characters are. Even the introductory text is difficult to understand and doesn't connect to the initial scene, which is probably meant to make the player curious but instead just seems annoying. Early in the game it becomes apparent that there isn't going to be much story, but rather some bothersome puzzles to solve - which is where I quit.

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Andrew Schultz, May 4, 2012 - Reply
Hm, I tested this game--and I as someone who did too many logic puzzles as a kid about who lives in what color house and owns what type of pet, I pulled out my pad and paper for some sort-of-nostalgia.

(Spoiler - click to show)But in fact, if you see who needs to sit where, you'll see a contradiction. You can't satisfy everyone. Whether this is hinted well enough or not is more subjective. It's possible to ignore all that entirely and move on with the game.

The question is whether or not it's fair to do this. I doubt everyone would agree, and everyone would have good reasons either way.
Ray, May 5, 2012 - Reply
My impression was that the puzzle was blocking progress (actually, two of them: (Spoiler - click to show)the locked door in cellar, which even described itself as idiotically simple to solve by brute force, and the card ordering puzzle). My attitude to IF puzzles is that once I recognize their general category I know I could crack them given enough time. This precisely makes me lose interest - given the known outcome, the time seems wasted. Maybe it is because my day job as programmer consists of "solving logical puzzles" of various sorts. I don't want to be reliving my job in my spare time, but would prefer content which appeals to imagination rather than logical faculties.
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