when i was shot by elephants 2 super elephants

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Episode 2 of when i was shot by elephants

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Second installment, in constant quality, May 30, 2012
by Ray

Another fresh gust of creative juice from a widely unrecognized and probably soon forgotten IF author.

True to his nick, NOM3RCY doesn't pamper the audience with polished language or nuanced story. Rather, he delivers his unrelenting historical message in a harshly unorthographic manner, which is surely going to raise at least a few eyebrows of an IF purist. As the drama continues and the unsettling main plot unfolds, there is a brief sense of advancement by the protagonist, which is however soon offset by the reintroduction of the original horror/mystery theme.

The fans, who barely managed to get through yesterday's holding of breath, now bite their lips nervously, looking forward to a conclusion of this epic trilogy. We still expect some final answers to questions raised in the prologue, although our current level of anticipation matches the author's literary prowess.

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calindreams, May 28, 2012 - Reply
..which is however soon spoiled by the reintroduction of the original horror/mystery theme...

Surely you meant 'offset' rather than 'spoiled'. Spoiled seems a little negative.
Ray, May 30, 2012 - Reply
Indeed, that is precisely which I meant. In fact as humble reviewers we must always watch our tongues and bow to artists' sensitivities. Given a literary spirit of NOM3RCY's caliber, too harsh words might easily upset the pristine self-adoration and disrupt the abundant flow of creative juices. A new revised version of my review thusly contains your important amendment.
NOM3RCY, April 8, 2012 - Reply
conclusion coming soon :D
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