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Long-time IF player. Dabbling author.

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The Colour Pink, by Robert Street   April 24, 2020
"The Colour Pink is an old-fashioned text adventure game, filled with puzzles, all of which are fairly straightforward. Fiddle with..." - See the full review

Uncle Zebulon's Will, by Magnus Olsson   April 24, 2020
"Uncle Zebulon's Will is an excellent puzzly adventure game. It takes about an hour to solve it and the ending leaves the player wanting..." - See the full review

Gateway, by Mike Verdu, Michael Lindner, and Glen Dahlgren   April 24, 2020
"Gateway is a breath of fresh air after so many games filled with sorcerers and trolls, taking place as it does in an interesting science..." - See the full review

Return to Eden, by Nick Austin, Chris Queen, and Tim Noyce   April 23, 2020
"I've finished Return to Eden (with help of a walkthrough). It turns out that this game has a sprawling map, with room descriptions..." - See the full review

Saturn's Child, by Jerry Ford   April 21, 2020
"A hundred years or so in the future, people are prepared for deep space exploration by inserting a probe where the sun don't shine before..." - See the full review

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