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Interactive Fiction by Fra Enrico

Lo Scarafaggio, by Fra Enrico and Kewan (2007)
(1 rating)
Lo Scarafaggio is the adaption of a short tale by the italian writer Dino Buzzati. Written as a first experiment with the Inform language, it's a short piece of interactive fiction, with more focus...

La Strega di Maughn, by Fra Enrico and Kewan (2008)
(1 rating)

Slightly inspired by The Blair Witch Project: you enter a cursed dark wood in search of your 3 disappeared friends. The game features a dark maze, claustrophobia in an open space, and no happy...

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To begin - 4 items   September 29, 2008
If you are new to the IF, I suggest to start with a bunch of games. Some are easy to play and to get into the thing, some are so great...

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Reviews by Fra Enrico

The Lighthouse, by Eric Hickman and Nathan Chung   October 12, 2008
"What is this? A short exercise by people who are learning the inform language? If not, this is a hoax. A short, empty, hollow,..." - See the full review

Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto   October 1, 2008
"When I first began this game I was struck by the first paragraphs. A setting in a psychiatric hospital, a doctor consulting files on..." - See the full review

The Thorn, by Eric Mayer   October 1, 2008
"This is a short story more than a game: Thorn was originally a short tale by the writer Eric Mayer, who adapted it himself in interactive..." - See the full review

The Awakening, by Dennis Matheson   September 29, 2008
"Short? Indeed, but creepy, gloomy, scaring enough, with the perfect dose of horror elements: an old church, a graveyard, rain pouring all..." - See the full review

Marika the Offering, by revgiblet   September 25, 2008
"[english] Though easy, it's a good story, well written and with the right number of puzzles, all of them moderately challenging. Style is..." - See the full review

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Il Diavolo a Venezia, by Lorenzo Carnevale
The Moonlit Tower, by Yoon Ha Lee
[You wake up itching.], by Michael S. Gentry
The Lighthouse, by Eric Hickman and Nathan Chung
Zazie, by Luca Melchionna

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