The Lighthouse

by Eric Hickman and Nathan Chung


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5 wasted minutes, October 12, 2008
by Fra Enrico (Torino, Italy)

What is this? A short exercise by people who are learning the inform language? If not, this is a hoax. A short, empty, hollow, meaningless adventure lasting no more than 20 actions, which steals away 5 minutes of your time in front of very brief descriptions and very few choices.
The setting? A two-rooms ligthouse. The goal? Turning on a lamp. The way to achieve it? (Spoiler - click to show)Open two doors, and push a button. How exciting.

Nothing more.
I couldn't imagine something less interesting. I don't know the score this game will get in IfComp08, but it doesn't matter. There is nothing here worth the worries. I don't dislike short and simple games, but this one doesn't even deserve the name of it.