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Played Scott Adams adventures on an Apple ][+ as a teen. Now I'm a programmer. I've dabbled at writing IF, but don't have the patience for it. I was an NPC player on DuneMUSH in the early 90s. I like science fiction and fantasy themes over reality themes.
I am easily frustrated, so my appetite for games with obtuse puzzles, death traps, or turn limits is small.
I remember completing A Mind Forever Voyaging in the 80s, but I have never completed Planetfall (but have started it more times than I can remember).

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Kiss The Ghoul, by chamomeow   July 7, 2019
"The text-to-choices ratio is not high, but your choices seem to make a difference. As a player, I was immersed in the game and felt good..." - See the full review

Balanced Breakfast, by Soda51   July 7, 2019
"I played the browser-based version, which had a few formatting problems (text overlapping other text on some screens). The layout of the..." - See the full review

False Positive, by Liam Twose   July 7, 2019
"Text is error-free. Choices matter. Play time is short enough that I can recommend it to everybody, because even if you hate it, you..." - See the full review

Monstr (A Dating Site, But For Monsters), by GalaxyKate   July 7, 2019
"The gameplay is simple. You read a number of profiles of monsters each day, and pick the one that is least repugnant until you have a..." - See the full review

Among the Seasons, by Kieran Green   July 7, 2019
"Nice descriptive prose, with just enough player input to keep me clicking through the text. There's one choice at the beginning that..." - See the full review

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