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I enjoy fantasy IF. I grew up with Zork I and Forbidden Castle, and their style has filtered into my own IF.

I'm also generally willing to beta test games for you. Send me a message if you need a tester.

Interactive Fiction by tggdan3

Suicide, by Dan Doyle III (2010)
(18 ratings)

Tonight's the night you are going to kill yourself. You walk into the bathroom, realizing that this is the last room you're ever going to be in alive. The thought is both terrifying and liberating....

Under the Bed, by Dan Doyle III (2012)
(10 ratings)

For many years you have hidden from the monster under your bed. Now, with the birth of your baby brother, the monster threatens not only you, but your family. Now it is not a time to hide, now it...

The Tiny House, by Dan Doyle III (2010)
(5 ratings)

Christine comes home from work to her tiny house to find that her son and husband are missing. In searching for clues she discovers a spellbook and must learn various magical spells and go to...

On Your Back, by Dan Doyle III (2013)
(3 ratings)

You are a poor turtle in search of some lettuce. But then a farm boy put you on your back. Can you get right side up and get some lettuce?

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Good Games, Poor Parser - 5 items   March 30, 2010
Games that you should just grit your teeth and try to complete, despite the poor parser, either because of great story or puzzles.

Polls by tggdan3

Very Short Games - 56 votes for 29 games; created November 3, 2010
Games that can be completed in less than 30 mintues. Need not be one room (though that obviously helps). Hopefully, the games are fun as...

Games with multiple endings - 51 votes for 35 games; created November 1, 2010
Obviously not counting "death" as an ending, but non-successful ends can count if there are other successful ends. Variation in endings...

New Game Challenges - 9 votes for 9 games; created July 22, 2010
User-made challenges for existing IF games meant to make the game harder/more fun

One Room Non-Escape Games - 64 votes for 27 games; created April 7, 2010
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Reviews by tggdan3

The Conversation I Can't Have, by Morgan Rille   March 10, 2014
"Interesting concept- a way of having a theoretical conversation where the author defends her homosexuality. No parser- you link to a new..." - See the full review

Who Are You Talking To?, by Matthew Kim   August 18, 2013
"So, let's look at the term IF- interactive fiction. Interactive implies some kind of input from the user. Fiction implies that it's not..." - See the full review

Divis Mortis, by Lynnea Dally   February 13, 2012
"First, the really good: I like the writing, which I found to be eerie with tons of little touches you should find in a zombie apocalypse..." - See the full review

My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch, by Divarin   March 31, 2011
"This review hurts me to write. By its description, I expected a simple little game about an evil girlfriend. What I found was an epic..." - See the full review

> by @, by Aaron A. Reed   March 2, 2011
"This game was great for me. Maybe it was my jaded view with "minimalist games", but this game was minimalist for the minimalist. The game..." - See the full review

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The Conversation I Can't Have, by Morgan Rille
Counterfeit Monkey, by Emily Short
Under the Bed, by Dan Doyle III
Divis Mortis, by Lynnea Dally
My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch, by Divarin

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Fingertips: Fingertips, by Michael D. Hilborn
Endless, Nameless, by Adam Cadre
zork, buried chaos, by Brad Renshaw
Myth, by Paul Findley
The PK Girl, by Robert Goodwin, Helen Trevillion, Nanami Nekono, and Oya-G

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Three Cows and Two Doors, by NOM3RCY