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Interactive Fiction by ChrisM

The Faeries Of Haelstowne, by Christopher Merriner (2021)
(8 ratings)
“Hailstone," announced the Chief. “Round Ashton way. A little job for you, Arthur - their vicar's gone missing. They're a funny lot over in those parts. Superstitious. Someone's hiding something;...

Custard & Mustard's Big Adventure, by Christopher Merriner (2022)
(10 ratings)
Ordinary dogs? We're not ordinary dogs! We're Custard and Mustard - and we're looking for adventure! It's fęte day in Little Pottlington! The sun is shining, the beer is flowing, and the streets...

Dawn of The Soviet Ladybirds, by Christopher Merriner (2020)
(3 ratings)
‘Ladybirds. What a summer for them! They were simply everywhere. Dorothy was ordinarily happy to see them in her garden, but this year there was such an abundance of them that it really was rather...

Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse, by Christopher Merriner (as Nathaniel Spence) (2020)
(1 rating)
A bit of whimsy made as a distraction during lockdown. A first attempt at an adventure game; at the very least, it kept the author amused for a few weeks in the making.

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Games that are adaptations of conventional (not CYOA) books - 45 votes for 31 games; created February 24, 2021
I'm interested in games that are straightforward adaptations of conventional books (probably novels, but I'd be interested to know if...

Reviews by ChrisM

Forgotten Island, by Josh Goebel   May 30, 2022
"This entry in the 2022 Text Adventure Literacy Jam is an entertaining desert island pirate adventure with magical themes – like Treasure..." - See the full review

Sting, by Mike Russo   December 2, 2021
"[Note - I beta tested this game] Sting is an autobiographical parser game that sketches a life through a series of six vignettes, each..." - See the full review

An Aside About Everything, by Sasha   November 10, 2021
"A heavily introspective, noir-styled choice-based game about a guy searching for a girl against a backdrop of surreal landscapes..." - See the full review

Kidney Kwest, by Eric Zinda, and Luka Marceta   October 30, 2021
"Well this is unusual: an educational text game designed to reinforce key messages for young kidney patients about the regimen they need..." - See the full review

AardVarK Versus the Hype, by Truthcraze   October 23, 2021
"A crazy adventure about the four members of a high school garage band named AardVark and their antics as they try to thwart the purveyors..." - See the full review

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