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Interactive Fiction by ChrisM

The Faeries Of Haelstowne, by Christopher Merriner (2021)
(2 ratings)
“Hailstone," announced the Chief. “Round Ashton way. A little job for you, Arthur - their vicar's gone missing. They're a funny lot over in those parts. Superstitious. Someone's hiding something;...

Dawn of The Soviet Ladybirds, by Christopher Merriner (1 rating)
‘Ladybirds. What a summer for them! They were simply everywhere. Dorothy was ordinarily happy to see them in her garden, but this year there was such an abundance of them that it really was rather...

Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse, by Christopher Merriner (as Nathaniel Spence) (2020)
(1 rating)
A bit of whimsy made as a distraction during lockdown. A first attempt at an adventure game; at the very least, it kept the author amused for a few weeks in the making.

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Games that are adaptations of conventional (not CYOA) books - 38 votes for 26 games; created February 24, 2021
I'm interested in games that are straightforward adaptations of conventional books (probably novels, but I'd be interested to know if...

Reviews by ChrisM

Tristam Island, by Hugo Labrande   March 7, 2021
"A bit of fanfare preceded the release of Tristam Island which meant, unusually, that I’d actually heard of it before playing it (it got a..." - See the full review

The Golden Apple, by Simon Wadsworth   February 24, 2021
"Picture the scene: it is a Saturday afternoon in 1983. Thatcher has just won her second term in office, TV-AM has awoken a startled..." - See the full review

Crocodracula: The Beginning, by Ryan Veeder   January 27, 2021
"An entertaining runaround with a silly story and no pretensions beyond being a bit of harmless fun, this retro game is decidedly my kind..." - See the full review

The Key to Time, by P. J. R. Harkin   January 25, 2021
"In search of a little retro text-adventuring to play on company time, I stumble across this curious artefact from the nostalgic 1980s of..." - See the full review

Century, by Zuuri   August 7, 2020
"Intrigued by the earlier one star review, and at the risk of giving this more reviews than it deserves, I had a look at this myself...." - See the full review

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