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Baggage, by Katherine Farmar   April 24, 2021
"There's a lot of fun poetic imagery in this piece. It ends quite abruptly, and won't take more than a few minutes if you play it as I..." - See the full review

Take the Dog Out, by ell   April 4, 2021
"There's not a lot to it, (the game is over before you know it) but the puzzles are fair, and there's some cute stuff. I look forward to..." - See the full review

The Secret of Nara, by Ralfe Rich   April 4, 2021
"You're a deer. You do deer things. It's pretty cute. The whole game is over in 10 to 15 minutes, maybe 30 if you decide to use the back..." - See the full review

Picton Murder Whodunnit, by Sia See   April 4, 2021
"The game is pretty easy. The murderer and the alibis are selected at random. " - See the full review

Miss No-Name, by Bellamy Briks   April 3, 2021
"The premise of this game is pretty zany, and I enjoyed that. But I wanted a little something more after " - See the full review

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