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My Girl, by Sophia de Augustine   July 8, 2024
"Non-interactive, except for page turns. The pacing is good, and the story is solid."

the sea god, by christine mi   July 8, 2024
"It's a poem. You interact with it with arrow keys, bumping into hotspots to see what they say. The poem is good, and the Bitsy UI and..." - See the full review

The English Restaurant, by Eric Zinda   July 8, 2024
"It's designed to allow you to practice English, it says. I'm a native English speaker and tried to type reasonable responses to the..." - See the full review

Project Postmortem, by Gamefic   July 8, 2024
"This is a minigame with one puzzle. The puzzle has decent clues and a solid solution. I'd say that this game is a good start, and I'd..." - See the full review

The Little Match Girl at the Battle of the Gray Peaks, by Ryan Veeder   May 7, 2024
"In 2012, Ryan Veeder published "The Statue Got Me High" as part of the Apollo 18+20 tribute album project. As the game begins, it appears..." - See the full review

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