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The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen, by Ryan Veeder   January 4, 2022
"By means of the matches, you'll travel through time and space to various places, meet a handful of charming NPCs, and solve a dozen..." - See the full review

Kobold Crawl, by Aaron Steed   January 4, 2022
"This game includes a few dozen rooms presented in a random order. You're given a menu of options, which often invite you to take a risk..." - See the full review

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity, by Interpied   January 4, 2022
"The conclusion of the game is a fun crunchy arithmetic logic puzzle. The puzzles leading up to it are not as fun. There's an annoying,..." - See the full review

Morris, by Dee Cooke   January 3, 2022
"This game's central puzzle is to escape the pub. There are two ways out of the pub, numbered #1 and #2; when the game ends, it tells you..." - See the full review

Dragon's Pass, by Wade Clarke   December 16, 2021
"A handful of rooms, with a handful of choices. All of the choice questions have right answers, and most of the wrong answers will block..." - See the full review

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