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Lid Astray, by Avery Hiebert and Ryan Samman   November 19, 2023
"The eye-blinking mechanic is wild. You've just gotta try it. The game is short, but I think I couldn't handle an eye-blinking game any..." - See the full review

Repeat the Ending, by Drew Cook   May 16, 2023
"Don't make the mistake I made, of reading all of the written metatext material in the GUIDE before you start playing. Instead, just start..." - See the full review

According to Cain, by Jim Nelson   January 29, 2023
"I like a lot of the ideas in this game, and many of the puzzles were solid, but I became totally dependent on the in-game HINTS command,..." - See the full review

Improv: Origins, by Neil deMause   July 11, 2022
"The object of this one-room game is to open a safe in the center of the room. The safe has a large red button. Here's what it says when..." - See the full review

python game, by theernis   July 11, 2022
"In this game, you can fight a wolf or a bear. During the tutorial, you fight the wolf, and then the bear. You can't defeat the bear in..." - See the full review

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