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Games much improved in later versions - 27 votes for 18 games; created November 17, 2013
Most IF works are only available in ‘version 1’, but some are released in updated versions. And a few see a large amount of bug fixing,...

Games featuring music - 26 votes for 19 games; created July 29, 2012
I have always thought that music has a huge potential for enhancing IF, more so than graphics has. So what are the best examples of IF...

Reviews by Karl Ove Hufthammer

Save the Cheshire Cat!, by Marco Vallarino   July 30, 2018
"This is a short (playtime: approx. 30 minutes), puzzle-based game. There’s a book fair in town, but the Cheshire Cat, the mascot of the..." - See the full review

The Day we got a pet, by Marius Müller   July 20, 2018
"After the previous game’s confusing mess of sci-fi tropes, we’re back at Alex and Paul’s house. Alex has ordered a Neptunian deathhound..." - See the full review

The Day I shot Alex, by Marius Müller   July 19, 2018
"Oh no, it’s ‘The Day I shot Alex’! :O On the upside, this means that we have a new ‘Alex and Paul’ game to play – the tenth in the..." - See the full review

The Day time stood still, by Marius Müller   July 18, 2018
"This game takes place right after the action-packed ending of The Day of the Queen. And as hinted at in that game, it involves time..." - See the full review

The Day of the Queen, by Marius Müller   July 17, 2018
"Sharkmen, spirit possession, romance and golf carts – it’s time for a new Alex and Paul game. The Queen of Hurts and Maladies is trying..." - See the full review

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Sage Sanctum Scramble, by Arthur DiBianca
The Day I hugged Ghandi, by Marius Müller
The Call of Innsmouth, by Tripper McCarthy
A Murder in Fairyland, by Abigail Corfman
SOUND, by CynthiaP

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Augmented Fourth, by Brian Uri!
The Gostak, by Carl Muckenhoupt
Dial C for Cupcakes, by Ryan Veeder
Inside the Facility, by Arthur DiBianca
Cryptozookeeper, by Robb Sherwin

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