The Day we got a pet

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Episode 11 of The Alex and Paul Series

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About par for the series, July 20, 2018
by Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway)

After the previous gameís confusing mess of sci-fi tropes, weíre back at Alex and Paulís house. Alex has ordered a Neptunian deathhound (!) for Paulís birthday, and the puzzles involve travelling to several minor locations to fetch the appropriate protection for readying the house for the new, quite ferocious, pet.

The puzzles are a mixed bag. Some of them are simple and well-clued, one has a confusing hint (that I still donít understand), but is easy to solve by brute force, and one seems almost impossible to solve without a walkthrough or hints (and donít make much sense in the game world, either).

As we have come to expect, the game has a somewhat spotty implementation and quite a few spelling mistakes (though far fewer than the first games in the series had). But I didnít find any major bugs.

Thereís some humour, making the game more enjoyable. And for the long-time fans, there are also references to earlier ĎAlex and Paulí games. In my opinion, the series is best when it takes place in a (pseudo-)realistic setting, and Iím glad the game didnít continue on the prequelís clichťd sci-fi time-travelling-stuff-that-hardly-makes-sense path.

All in all, this a short and simple, puzzle-based game. Not a particularly good game, mind you, but about par for an ĎAlex and Paulí game (hence the two stars). I look forward to playing the sequel (hinted at by the gameís ending).

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