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I write about Infocom games at a blog called Gold Machine.

Any star ratings given to Infocom games are relative to other games by Infocom. I haven't tried to "objectively" rate them according to some rigorously defined scale.

I am also the author of Repeat the Ending.

Need to get in touch? I'm @kamineko at The Interactive Fiction Community Forum. You can also reach me at my WordPress site, Gold Machine.

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Interactive Fiction by Drew Cook

Repeat the Ending, by Drew Cook (2023)
(13 ratings)
Explore an all new, "critical edition" of a 1996 Inform 5 game about mental illness, magic, and the second law of thermodynamics. Features artwork by Callie Smith. cw: mental illness, self-harm,...

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Cutthroats, by Michael Berlyn, Jerry Wolper   November 16, 2022
"Infocom released both Seastalker and Cutthroats in 1984. These two back-to-back releases reviewed poorly (relatively speaking, as Infocom..." - See the full review

Seastalker, by Stu Galley, Jim Lawrence   August 19, 2022
"To start: I love Nancy Drew, and I had high expectations for an Infocom partnership with Jim Lawrence. Seriously! Seastalker was authored..." - See the full review

Sorcerer, by Steve Meretzky   August 18, 2022
"I've learned that my disappointment with Sorcerer is a minority opinion, but it has garnered its share of ambivalent reviews over the..." - See the full review

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