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Since reading is my version of breathing, and I type 123 WPM, AND I love videogames, Interactive Fiction is my ultimate entertainment dream come true.

I'm an author now, writing Scifi/Fantasy, Horror, and Humor stories:
<a href = "http://PixelvaniaPublishing.com">http://PixelvaniaPublishing.com</a>

My projects website is still up, full of art, sheet music and other stuff:
<a href = "http://PixelvaniaStudios.com">http://PixelvaniaStudios.com</a>

I still hope to write an IF of my own someday (I have a few ideas!), but alas, I have a writer's mind, not a programmer's!

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( http://mormon.org ). Want to know something else? Just drop me a line!

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