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I'm mostly into choice/hypertext, but trying to become better at parser.

Interactive Fiction by autumnc

The Archivist and the Revolution, by Autumn Chen (2022)
(31 ratings)
The world is ending, and you are still paying rent....

New Year's Eve, 2019, by Autumn Chen (2022)
(18 ratings)
Social gatherings are not your preferred activity. But this one is obligatory, and it threatens to ruin you. You are Karen Zhao, a senior in college who is home for winter break, and seeing your...

Pageant, by Autumn Chen (2020)
(14 ratings)
Your name is Karen Zhao, and youíve just been signed up by your parents for a beauty pageant. Youíre not ready, not even close, but you donít have a choice. But perhaps you can make the best of it....

A Paradox Between Worlds, by Autumn Chen (2021)
(26 ratings)
It is the year 201X and you are a teen online. The Nebulaverse fandom has been your safe place, and it is about to be torn apart. A Paradox Between Worlds is a game about fandoms, internet...

ConfigurationUploader, by Autumn Chen (2023)
(6 ratings)
ConfigurationUploader is a program for uploading configurations.

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What are some games that either include computer programming as a game mechanic, elements that simulate computer programming, or include...

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Reviews by autumnc

Age of Fable, by James Hutchings   September 15, 2022
"The official website for this game does not work, and the author's website seems to be entirely offline. It's not playable using Wayback..." - See the full review

Bee, by Emily Short   September 11, 2022
"Update: Half of this review is now outdated because the complete version of Bee for dendry has been released. I still agree with this..." - See the full review

The Golden Rose, by Ana Ventura   September 3, 2022
"This is a very long and ambitious Choicescript game, in fact one of the longest ever at 1.2 million words, and it's still only the first..." - See the full review

The TURING Test, by Justin Fanzo   November 25, 2021
"The TURING Test is a game with some interesting ideas, but I thought the implementation left some room for improvement. The game starts..." - See the full review

You are SpamZapper 3.1, by Leon Arnott   November 24, 2021
"This game is incredible. It almost invokes the same kind of energy that playing SPY INTRIGUE for the first time did. It doesnít quite..." - See the full review

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