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Adventure games typically involve a great deal of exploration, but few are set during the Age of Exploration. Nevertheless, here's a list...

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If adventure games are a performance themselves, then it makes sense for some of them to also be about performers. So, here's a list of...

Noteworthy Games Which Aren't Z-Code or TADS Bytecode - 26 items   August 10, 2020
So many text-adventure games have been written with some version of ZIL or Inform or TADS that we might forget other methods get used...

Dueling With Dragons - 13 items   August 9, 2020
Dragons are a favorite in fantastic fiction, but they don't get as much love in IF as they used to. So, here's a list of games that...

Surprising Sentience - 13 items   July 6, 2020
Philosophers may wonder if people are the only ones who are rational and self-aware, but IF authors are certain we aren't. Here are some...

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Little Blue Men, by Michael S. Gentry   March 25, 2021
"Frustrating, but fascinating, LBM is a puzzle of a game in several ways. With a tone that swings from aggravation to black humor to..." - See the full review

The Underoos that Ate New York!, by G. Kevin Wilson   March 11, 2021
""Underoos" is a nicely-designed game with a silly premise and several clever puzzles. There's not much in this goofy homage to monster..." - See the full review

In Memory, by Jacqueline A. Lott   March 10, 2021
""In Memory" places the player in a surreal environment and prompts him to reminisce about a hazily-remembered past. While the game's..." - See the full review

The Magpie Takes the Train, by Mathbrush   November 25, 2020
"Characters deliver back-handed compliments, subtle put-downs, and blunt reminders of social station to each other in "The Magpie Takes..." - See the full review

The Eleusinian Miseries, by Mike Russo   October 11, 2020
"The "Eleusinian Miseries" follows a vacuous, self-absorbed player-character as he is introduced into an ancient Greek mystery cult...." - See the full review

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