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Let Them Eat Cake, by Alicia Morote   October 14, 2022
"For a while, this game appears to be a very straightforward quest to gather ingredients for baking. I got pretty far just using common..." - See the full review

No One Else Is Doing This, by Lauren O'Donoghue   October 14, 2022
"No One Else Is Doing This by Lauren O’Donoghue This was something different. It is a timed text adventure in which you are going around a..." - See the full review

Blood Island, by Billy Krolick   October 12, 2022
"Blood Island by Billy Krolick I think this might have been the most entertaining entry from the 2022 comp I’ve played up to this point...." - See the full review

Inside, by Ira Vlasenko   October 11, 2022
"Inside by Ira Vlasenko In this game, you play as a witch inside the mind of another witch, and many of your choices consist of things to..." - See the full review

Nose Bleed, by Stanley W. Baxton   October 11, 2022
"Nose Bleed by Stanley W. Baxton This one made me squirm. It is short and economical, but still descriptive enough to tap into a fear that..." - See the full review

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