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Mermaids of Ganymede, by Seth Paxton   November 19, 2021
"Here is a choice-based game that I found very pleasant to navigate. Despite being a sci-fi adventure taking place on another world (not..." - See the full review

4x4 Archipelago, by Agnieszka Trzaska   November 14, 2021
"I found this game very addicting. I had a hard time putting it down, even though there were things about it that frustrated me. First,..." - See the full review

The Dead Account, by Naomi Norbez   November 13, 2021
"In this story, you have to read messages to a dead person left by their loved ones. Then, you have to contact the loved ones and ask them..." - See the full review

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed, by Amanda Walker   November 13, 2021
"This is a lengthy parser game in which you must explore a "...beautiful old house haunted by a lost soul." Your command set is very..." - See the full review

An Aside About Everything, by Sasha   November 13, 2021
"Here is a fairly short story about a man looking for someone who has been missing. He wanders through several dream-like settings and..." - See the full review

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