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Wow, it's cold in here: Waking up in cryopods - 6 items   August 9, 2022
Stasis. Frozen solid. On ice. Cold sleep. In suspension. There are a handful of games out there that begin with the player in a cryopod...

Individual teen PCs - 17 items   August 5, 2022
This list is not for games that are simply about teens. It is for games starring an individual teen PC (you know, 13-19). I made this...

Parent protagonists - 8 items   July 31, 2022
Games where you play as characters with offspring.

Twine games with free range of movement: A personal list - 26 items   July 31, 2022
Free range of movement means the gameplay has parser qualities without the parser part. It allows you to wander around and interact...

Mars master list - 10 items   July 28, 2022
All about Mars. Does not need to take place on the surface of Mars. Games that take place under Mars' surface, orbiting Mars, on Mars'...

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Space Cruiser Panic, by Alex Beauchesne   August 20, 2022
"You are a passenger on a ship called the Space Cruiser DONTPANIC. It is just a basic business trip until an alarm goes off while you are..." - See the full review

FIELD WORK, by Carl Burton   August 19, 2022
"This is a surreal game about a branching train of thought inspired by field research in a rainforest. Everything is sensory. The smell of..." - See the full review

The Naughty Neural Net, by Julius Tarng   August 19, 2022
"It is the near future. Earth’s population is nearly 10 billion and the old days of flying in gifts via reindeer have become obsolete...." - See the full review

Recess At Last, by Gerald Aungst   August 19, 2022
"The school year is currently in the dead of winter. Most recesses have been spent indoors but today's sunshine changes that. Today will..." - See the full review

Snowed In, by Jason Self   August 19, 2022
" Snowed In is a cat-and-mouse-get-eaten-by-a-grue game. While on vacation the protagonist visits a forest and becomes stuck in a blizzard..." - See the full review

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