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Twine games with free range of movement: A personal list - 35 items   May 4, 2023
Free range of movement means the gameplay has parser qualities without the parser part. It allows you to wander around and interact...

Benevolent Computers - 10 items   January 30, 2023
Sometimes it is the AI characters who leave the strongest impression whether they are the villain or your closest friend. This list will...

Storybooks for young audiences - 6 items   November 14, 2022
There are already several polls about games for kids, but I wanted to narrow it down a bit. I noticed some recent high-quality games with...

Parent protagonists - 18 items   September 2, 2022
Games where you play as characters with offspring.

Mars master list - 12 items   August 23, 2022
All about Mars. Does not need to take place on the surface of Mars. Games that take place under Mars' surface, orbiting Mars, on Mars'...

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Looks like I have to do EVERYTHING myself - 7 votes for 5 games; created January 30, 2023
This poll is for games where the player's sole purpose is to fix things. It's their job, or a near equivalent to a job. Does not...

Globe-trotters - 11 votes for 8 games; created October 18, 2022
This is for games where the PC travels to different countries. The focus of the gameplay is on the travel part, the experience of not...

Reviews by Kinetic Mouse Car

Hanna, We're Going to School, by Kastel   May 3, 2023
"Itís time for school but youíre not feeling it right now. Or ever, really. But you and Hanna have no choice. School it is, then. Oh, and..." - See the full review

Alone in the Void, by Gareth Meyrick   April 22, 2023
" Alone in the Void is a promising Quest game about waking up from cryonic suspension on a ship called the Amaethon drifting through..." - See the full review

Nothing Could be Further From the Truth, by Adam Wasserman   April 16, 2023
" "I am loyal, I am true. When I'm older I will do The best I can to serve my home. Proud I live under a dome." Welcome to the Bunker!..." - See the full review

I Am Prey, by Joey Tanden   April 10, 2023
"I had a lot of things to do recently and figured that I could get around to some of them now that the stream of new entries on IFDB died..." - See the full review

System Processing, by Albie   April 4, 2023
" System Processing is a unique sci-fi Twine game that shows considerable potential. Our protagonist, only referred to as "Ov," lived and..." - See the full review

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