Looks like I have to do EVERYTHING myself - an IFDB Poll

by Kinetic Mouse Car
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This poll is for games where the player's sole purpose is to fix things. It's their job, or a near equivalent to a job. Does not necessarily have to be traditional employment but fixing things has to be part of the PC's purpose, not merely because they find themselves in a position where they have to fix things.

All the NPCs recognize that the player is the maintenance person. Problems are shunted onto you while everyone waits for you to fix it. As you pass by, all the NPCs nod at you while thinking, "oh, that person is clearly here to fix [insert long list of problems]."

The recent game Trouble in Sector 471 gave me the idea for this poll. I know there are polls out there that focus on repairing things, but this one tries to narrow it down by focusing on a PC who has a job/designated purpose on repairing. It defines their character. Hopefully, that's not too narrow.

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Trouble in Sector 471, by Arthur DiBianca
2 votes
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After-Words, by fireisnormal
1 vote
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Crash, by Phil Riley
1 vote
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