Neo-Twiny Jam

Create a tiny Interactive Fiction piece in 500 words or less!
This jam is a commemoration of Porpentine's Twiny Jam, where creators were limited to making twine games with less than 300 words.

Constraints and Rules:

You are limited to 500 words total.
You can submit up to 3 submissions, each with the same 500 words limit.
The Jam is open to any program/medium, not just Twine, as long as the piece can be considered Interactive Fiction (i.e. the game is interactive, and its focus is on the text).
The Jam is open to any language, as long as the word count is respected.
Sound/graphics/code do not count towards the word limit.
The Jam is open to NSFW content, as long as you indicate it in your submission.
Spam or hateful content will not be accepted.

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Official Web site:

Organizer(s): manonamora profile & Autumn Chen profile

Qualification opening date: June 1, 2023

Qualification closing date: June 30, 2023

Games and Awards

Entrant: idle hands, by Sophia de Augustine
Entrant: faith, by kit H.J.
Entrant: Witch Blood, by Ramona G.
Entrant: Concerto of Life 1st Mvt., by Alby
Entrant: Concerto of Life 2nd Mvt., by Alby
Entrant: Concerto of Life 3rd Mvt., by Alby
Entrant: The Unseemly Virus, by cpollett
Entrant: A Crown of Ash (Neo-Twiny Jam 2023), by Ashes_and_Sand
Entrant: The Real Me (Neo-Twiny Jam 2023), by Ashes_and_Sand
Entrant: It Was Meant to End Like This, by catsket
Entrant: Theo, by prince of the clouds
Entrant: Why Am I Exist?, by TrexandDrago Development
Entrant: The Flames That Take, by Fragmented Mirror Workshop
Entrant: You Bird., by Wandering Basil
Entrant: My Mail Carrier is Always on the Phone, by Austin Auclair
Entrant: Listen to the Phone Ring, by Rylie Eric
Entrant: boobs, by The Happiest Camper
Entrant: The Paper Mache Puppet, by LoAvis
Entrant: Ebb & Flow, by ♡ Arezou ♡
Entrant: nine months out, by nell
Entrant: Before Sunrise, by spudsie
Entrant: the boy who died, alive, by vvvild
Entrant: SOL, by nyehilism
Entrant: the ride home, by cassian
Entrant: Palazzo Heist, by Julien Z / smwhr
Entrant: and there are no stars., by Cressida St. Claire
Entrant: choke heart, by Cressida St. Claire
Entrant: Sprinklepills!, by Lance Cirone
Entrant: Collision, by manonamora
Entrant: Friends vs Friends: Coffee Talk, by PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé
Entrant: january frost, by mogar
Entrant: i've been drinking again, by yuveim
Entrant: Just a normal Human, by glucosify
Entrant: crash-landed, by Cyra Ezekeli
Entrant: Scale, by lavieenmeow
Entrant: The Truth of the Nightmare, by TrexandDrago Development
Entrant: Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way, by Crosshollow
Entrant: TERMINAL VELOCITY, by 30x30
Entrant: (almost eleven), by spacedfoxes
Entrant: forever, an echo, by wilderlingdev
Entrant: serious, dude?, by prince of the clouds
Entrant: The Meaning Extractor, by cpollett
Entrant: If I Die, Consume Me, by Fiddles IFs
Entrant: Distance & Mirage, by HeartForge
Entrant: Lockdown, by gamerpotato
Entrant: Marla, by mina
Entrant: (12:35), by I'm L
Entrant: piele, by Kit Riemer
Entrant: You Could Stay Here Forever, by KnightAnNi
Entrant: Not a Diamond Necklace, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: ᕁ᙮ᕁᕽᕽ CozmoPets ᕽᕽᕁ᙮ᕁ, by groggydog
Entrant: Big Barbarian's Tiny Adventure, by nlem
Entrant: alias, by nyassidy
Entrant: Jacob's Body, by Carter X Gwertzman
Entrant: Milk Quest!, by Dug Makes Games
Entrant: A/The Gift, by b_splendens
Entrant: consecrated, by Sophia de Augustine
Entrant: Your Team Will Do Well This Year, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: The Ancient Rhime of Spartacus, by eckardlise
Entrant: letters to a friend, by lazyguppy
Entrant: aberrance, by litrouke
Entrant: Reflecting my face in the mirror, by Aster Fialla
Entrant: I Pet My Cat and Worry, by Amara E
Entrant: Intersigne, by manonamora
Entrant: Life Is Short, by axmn
Entrant: Try to Wake Up, by bertilak
Entrant: I am home., by quorpheus
Entrant: Thursday, in Space, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross
Entrant: That Forest Inside, by onepanda
Entrant: Now We're Clickin', Team, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: Mother, Daughter, Sister, by alyshkalia
Entrant: Emily, by MuffiTuffiWuffi
Entrant: Buck Rockford Heads West, by J. J. Guest
Entrant: the happiness jar, by cairirie
Entrant: Infinite Space Battle Simulator, by Autumn Chen
Entrant: Kyrie Eleison, by Lapin Lunaire Games
Entrant: Parley!, by GammaEpsilonCrimson
Entrant: Eliza's Unbearable Awkward Reunion!, by Lance Cirone
Entrant: Refugium (Fugere), by Allie Vera
Entrant: correspondence, by gummyghosting
Entrant: Weird Texts from an Unknown Number, by Mark Sample
Entrant: June 1998, Sydney, by Kastel
Entrant: A boat ride., by Unexpected_Dreams
Entrant: Life of Puck, by alyshkalia
Entrant: Office Hours, by galacticdemigod
Entrant: The Boulder, by DrOctothorpe
Entrant: Dreamscape CYOA, by Cerfeuil
Entrant: Curse of the Bat's Tomb, by fsi
Entrant: metastasis, by Playahead Games
Entrant: Frog, by MartynJBull
Entrant: Successor, by 30x30
Entrant: Clarence Street, 14., by manonamora
Entrant: 500 Word Hotel Escape, by Kobato Games
Entrant: Dimensions Guardians: The Typewriter, by Jackson The Bear
Entrant: angel numbers, by Sophia de Augustine
Entrant: Lucid Coma, by Eden Meridia
Entrant: The Day I Turned 22, by Cyrus Firheir
Entrant: lark-mirror, by vileidol
Entrant: The Time Waster Quiz, by Alley
Entrant: Otolith, by LemonPoppyseedGames
Entrant: Warriors and Samaritans, by LemonPoppyseedGames
Entrant: vestiges of summer, by graymeditations
Entrant: Starfighter's Ballad, by Manwad
Entrant: A Walk on the Beach, by Bruhstin
Entrant: Almost Lover (Jam Version), by Sanadi
Entrant: Getting Ready for Bed, by Dragon Wyvryn
Entrant: a slow death., by kc malik
Entrant: Taxi Bargains, by 98cicadas
Entrant: carmen cygni, by corvusasteris
Entrant: The Orb [WIP], by Adalil
Entrant: JUDAS, by vileidol
Entrant: One-Word Warlock, by Damon L. Wakes
Entrant: in igni, by Lapin Lunaire Games
Entrant: Cat vs Villain, by Raccoon Raconteur
Entrant: The ecology of the waterways of Mars, by Liza Daly
Entrant: So You Have a Knife at Your Throat, by Natasha Luna
Entrant: goodnight, by Rylie Eric
Entrant: vanitas, by sweetfish
Entrant: Résumé, by Requiem
Entrant: Conduit of the Crypt, by Grim Baccaris
Entrant: eurydicesloveletter, by tamburp

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