Twiny Jam

"Make a tiny Twine (300 words or less)!"

There were 239 entrants total. Please feel free to add a few if you have the time...

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Organizer(s): Porpentine profile

Award date: April 9, 2015

Qualification opening date: March 25, 2015

Qualification closing date: April 9, 2015

Games and Awards

Entrant: The 4 Edith, by Roboman
Entrant: 5 kōans, by Greg Karber
Entrant: Abusive Relationship Simulator, by porree
Entrant: Anxiety OKAY, by gloomy
Entrant: BRITTLE, by ValorsMinion
Entrant: creak, creak, by chandler groover
Entrant: Daytime Never Had a Chance, by Snoother
Entrant: Doors, by Caelyn Sandel
Entrant: Drip, by PfQ
Entrant: Elsewhere, by Stacey Mason
Entrant: Farewell my friend, by Erik108
Entrant: Frightful, by Cuchlann
Entrant: GHOSTHUG, by cosmicwangst
Entrant: growth, by Liz England
Entrant: Haiku, by Flaminia Grimaldi
Entrant: HAIZARA, by Rani Baker
Entrant: A History of the Shore Regions, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Entrant: I'm better, by Jeremy Lonien
Entrant: Inventory, by Joey Fu
Entrant: itch, by Liz England
Entrant: It Is not so Much a Story, by Bruno Dias
Entrant: It's best not to think about it anyway, by Dylan W. Birdosaur
Entrant: Jetbike Gang, by C.E.J. Pacian
Entrant: little mermaids, by Prynnette
Entrant: Man Up, by Gritfish
Entrant: Mother, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Entrant: Mysterious New File Formats, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Entrant: One Day a Week you Work Here, by Tim Ralphs
Entrant: Out Of Memory, by hypirlink
Entrant: Renowned, by Caleb Wilson
Entrant: RPG-ish, by Stuart Lilford
Entrant: Saybutts, by Densetsu No Gomez
Entrant: Singular, by Gritfish
Entrant: Speechless, by Adam Dixon
Entrant: There Are No Cats in My Backyard, by Jeff Campbell
Entrant: The Tiniest Room, by Erik108
Entrant: tiny tarot, by Chelsea Stearns
Entrant: Unpolished, by Sparklebliss
Entrant: vale of singing metals, by foresthexes
Entrant: What are you wearing?, by Von Django
Entrant: Wolfgirls in Love, by Kitty Horrorshow
Entrant: The World Model is Really Problematic, by Spankminister

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