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16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds, by Abigail Corfman
Average member rating: (95 ratings)

You're a vampire hunter on your night off. You're getting a manicure, seeing a movie, and eating fast food. But there's a vampire in this McDonalds. If you don't do something, then in one hour it will eat...

20020, by Jon Bois
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Or, "The Future of College Football." A sequel to the 2017 multimedia story 17776.

253: a Novel for the Internet in Seven Cars and a Crash, by Geoff Ryman
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

A London tube train, with all seats occupied, carries 252 passengers. The driver makes 253. Each one has a secret history, thoughts about themselves and the world. And each one's story takes one page...

80 DAYS, by inkle, Meg Jayanth
Average member rating: (93 ratings)

1872, with a steampunk twist. Phileas Fogg has wagered he can circumnavigate the world in just eighty days. Choose your own route around a 3D globe, travelling by airship, submarine, mechanical camel,...

The Absence of Miriam Lane, by Abigail Corfman
Average member rating: (38 ratings)

Sometimes people give pieces of themselves away....

The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison
Average member rating: (68 ratings)

The curtain lifts to a torrent of applause, as the city's gents and ladies lose their decorum for a just few moments in anticipation of something magical. The spotlights drown the glitter of sequins and...

Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort
Average member rating: (134 ratings)

"With the cantankerous Wizard of Wordplay evicted from his mansion, the worthless plot can now be redeveloped. The city regulations declare, however, that the rip-down job can't proceed until all the items...

afternoon, a story, by Michael Joyce

afternoon was first offered to the public as a demonstration of the hypertext authoring system Storyspace, announced in 1987 at the first Association for Computing Machinery Hypertext conference in a paper...

Alice, by SAB
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Vous incarnez Alice, jeune sorcière reconvertie en chasseuse de monstre. Choisirez-vous de rester dans la lumière, ou sombrer dans l'Obscur, cette force qui vous permet d'user de sorcellerie ? Cette histoire...

All Hope Abandon, by Eric Eve
Average member rating: (37 ratings)

Your day got off to a good enough start when you met that blonde in the breakfast queue, but it's all downhill from there: you may be wishing you could escape a particularly dire lecture, but not by the one...

All Things Devours, by half sick of shadows
Average member rating: (94 ratings)

From the game's about command: "All Things Devours is a short piece of interactive fiction, leaning strongly towards the text-adventure end of the spectrum. It explores an all-too-familiar science fiction...

Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
Average member rating: (389 ratings)

You take a deep breath of salty air as the first raindrops begin to spatter the pavement, and the swollen, slate-colored clouds that blanket the sky mutter ominous portents amongst themselves over the little...

Apoikia, by PasteourS
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

L'histoire Votre père, le roi de la cité de Corinthe a été assassiné par d'autres membres de votre famille. Comme vous êtes l'héritier.ère du trône, vous devez fuir la cité, au risque de vous faire éliminer....

Aquarium, by Hannah Powell-Smith
Average member rating: (19 ratings)

You're seventeen. It's dark in here. Aquarium is a story game about skipping school with a cute boy. There are multiple endings. You can play in your browser on most devices - Internet Explorer will not...

At King Arthur's Christmas Feast, by Travis Moy
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

One Christmas at Camelot in charged a strange fellow, a giant man all green, great axe in hand, and called out a challenge in the court of King Arthur: "Bequeath me one blow, behead me clean, and then, in...

Augmented Fourth, by Brian Uri!
Average member rating: (64 ratings)

WANTED: Amateur musicians to serve the Royal Court. Must provide own instrument and be inured to copious constructive criticism. Impress your friends! Meet the King! Apply in person at the Castle, located on...

Ausflug am Wochenende nach München, by Brett Shelton, David Neville, Brian McInnis
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Karin Moller is an American foreign exchange student living in Freiburg im Breisgau and studying computer science and German at the Albert-Ludwigs University . On a free Saturday she decides to take a...

ausgedachte Träume, by Joël Adami

Eine Wanderung durch eine Reihe von ausgedachten Träumen. Ist das alles nur ein einziger Traum oder ist es eine Reihe von verbundenen Träumen? Gibt es eine versteckte Symbolik hinter der Wasserflasche, der...

The Axolotl Project, by Samantha Vick
Average member rating: (49 ratings)

As a lowly intern on Sadler Pharmaceutical’s high-security lunar research base, you set out to find an escaped test subject before your boss does. Along the way, you’ll unravel the mystery of your coworker’s...

Balances, by Graham Nelson
Average member rating: (38 ratings)

"A homage to Infocom's Enchanter Trilogy, at the same time showing some of the things that Inform is capable of doing." [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

Beautiful Dreamer, by S. Woodson
Average member rating: (35 ratings)

"Outside, the chill wind wails and tears the leaves from their branches. Gusts of wind scour the muddy sidewalks; gusts of wind roar through the alleys between buildings. Before one gust can fade, another...

Beneath Fenwick, by Pete Gardner
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

Fenwick is a serene, nineteenth-century township located deep within the wetland regions of western New England. Only a short drive from the storied academy known as Ealdian College, you have long been...

Blue, by kanade

It's the year 2022 and you, a 38 year old individual, decided that it is time for a change in your mundane life. With a positive mindset for a new beginning, you left everything behind in your old town and...

The Bones of Rosalinda, by Agnieszka Trzaska
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

”Hey, you! Skeleton lady! Can you hear me? You’ve got to pull yourself together and run before the Necromancer turns you into one of his minions!” Rosalinda realised she wasn’t dreaming. She was in a dark...

Cactus Blue Motel, by Astrid Dalmady
Average member rating: (84 ratings)

Somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona, three friends were driving through a barren desert of red rocks, and wide empty skies. It was the end of summer, the end of high school, the end of so many things....

Castle, Forest, Island, Sea, by Hide&Seek
Average member rating: (18 ratings)

'Castle, Forest, Island, Sea' is a choose-your-own-adventure story that explores key questions in philosophy. Where will your chosen path lead you? From bickering birds to scary monsters, choose your quest...

Chief Emoji Officer, by Bodeville

Chief Emoji Officer is a text adventure that recreates the absurdities of the tech world by letting you become CEO using only emojis. Climb your way through corporate America by getting promoted, making...

Choice of Alexandria, by Kevin Gold
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

Change the course of history! Can your scientific discoveries save the ancient Library of Alexandria? Will you defend the empire's legacy, or your own? "Choice of Alexandria" is an interactive novella by...

Chronicon Apocalyptica, by Robert Davis
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Battle Norse raiders, ghosts, and changelings to save medieval England! But beware, if the elves can capture the Book you hold, the world will end. "Chronicon Apocalyptica" is a 250,000-word interactive...

Cragne Manor, by Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna et al.
Show other authorsAdam Whybray, Adri, Andrew Plotkin, Andy Holloway, Austin Auclair, Baldur Brückner, Ben Collins-Sussman, Bill Maya, Brian Rushton, Buster Hudson, Caleb Wilson, Carl Muckenhoupt, Chandler Groover, Chris Jones, Christopher Conley, Damon L. Wakes, Daniel Ravipinto, Daniel Stelzer, David Jose, David Petrocco, David Sturgis, Drew Mochak, Edward B, Emily Short, Erica Newman, Feneric, Finn Rosenløv, Gary Butterfield, Gavin Inglis, Greg Frost, Hanon Ondricek, Harkness Munt, Harrison Gerard, Ian Holmes, Ivan Roth, Jack Welch, Jacqueline Ashwell, James Eagle, Jason Dyer, Jason Lautzenheiser, Jason Love, Jeremy Freese, Joey Jones, Joshua Porch, Justin de Vesine, Justin Melvin, Katherine Morayati, Kenneth Pedersen, Lane Puetz, Llew Mason, Lucian Smith, Marco Innocenti, Marius Müller, Mark Britton, Mark Sample, Marshal Tenner Winter, Matt Schneider, Matt Weiner, Matthew Korson, Michael Fessler, Michael Gentry, Michael Hilborn, Michael Lin, Mike Spivey, Molly Ying, Monique Padelis, Naomi Hinchen, Nate Edwards, Petter Sjölund, Q Pheevr, Rachel Spitler, Reed Lockwood, Reina Adair, Riff Conner, Roberto Colnaghi, Rowan Lipkovits, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Scott Hammack, Sean M. Shore, Shin, Wade Clarke, Zach Hodgens, Zack Johnson

Average member rating: (24 ratings)

A tribute to Anchorhead.

Cryptophasia, by Alan DeNiro (as L. Starr Voronoi)
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

"Ever since the fall of the Galactic Thessalocracy 40 years ago, on account of the erebus plague, the one thing that has bound people together across far-flung star systems has been a love of Viennese...

Damnatio Memoriae, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (58 ratings)

14 AD. Agrippa Postumus, grandson of the recently-deceased Augustus, tries to avoid death at the hands of the next emperor, Tiberius. At his disposal: a couple of old manuscripts, a lamp, and a recalcitrant...

A Day for Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (97 ratings)

No time for fantasy. Must feed fish.

A Day for Soft Food, by Tod Levi
Average member rating: (29 ratings)

"Ever since the provider's sickness began, he's been all hisses and growls. Even the slightest misstep seems to annoy him. Perhaps that's why your bowl has held nothing but hard food lately. And not much of...

Die Kathedrale, by Harald Evers, Andreas Niedermeier
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Wie ein schweigendes, steinernes Gebirge steht seit Jahrhunderten die St. Pauls Kathedrale am Domplatz in Schönau - als ein Zeugnis kirchlicher Tradition und mittelalterlicher Baukunst. Doch niemand ahnt,...

Disharmony, by Pink Soda Studios
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

"In the Never it's colder than ever." Disharmony is an interactive, story-driven game where your choices directly affect the events as they unfold. Told via an online messenger app called Harmony, it...

The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (175 ratings)

The Dreamhold is interactive fiction — a classic text adventure. No graphics! No point-and-click! You type your commands, and read what happens next. The Dreamhold is designed for people who have never...

The Eleusinian Miseries, by Mike Russo
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

Well, isn't this a lark! After solid years of going after old Alky to let you in on that Mysteries wheeze of his, at last tonight's the night. He's dragged you from Athens to Eleusis for the to-do, but no...

Elvish for Goodbye, by David Gürçay-Morris
Average member rating: (16 ratings)

"To think of 'living' there was to reduce the miraculous to the mundane; one does not 'live' at Xanadu." ...

Eon of the Green, by Miky Kray
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

In this text based RPG you play as an agent exploring Earth's far future. Receive weird visuals from lifeforms on the brink of extinction. Can you decipher their meaning? Eon of the Green is a game about the...

Eurydice, by Anonymous
Average member rating: (37 ratings)

A short game about grief, with occasional snakes.

Exhibition, by Ian Finley
Average member rating: (27 ratings)

"The Hartman Gallery extends their invitation to an exhibition of Anatoly Domokov's "American Paintings." Who draws the line between art and life? HTML enhanced." [--blurb from Competition '99]

externoon, by nune
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

On a whim, a woman, approaching middle age, decides to steal away to the Oregon desert to join a commune.

The Faeries Of Haelstowne, by Christopher Merriner
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

“Hailstone," announced the Chief. “Round Ashton way. A little job for you, Arthur - their vicar's gone missing. They're a funny lot over in those parts. Superstitious. Someone's hiding something; don't let...

Fairest, by Amanda Walker
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” you say dreamily, gazing into its sparkling surface… “You know,” replies the mirror, “I can do a lot more than just reflect fair faces. O, how I long to leap off this wall! I...

Father Leofwine is Dead, by Pugpup
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

Someone cut the wise old priest's throat, and everyone at court is a suspect. Who murdered him, and how will King Alfred fight the Danes without his right hand man? Winner of Mizal's 2019 Lone Hero contest....

Fine Felines, by Felicity Banks
Average member rating: (14 ratings)

You are a twenty-four-year-old who just inherited $10,000. Can you run a successful cat-breeding business? --------------- There is a spoiler-filled Cheat Sheet option at the very beginning of the game for...

First Draft of the Revolution, by Emily Short, Liza Daly and inkle
Average member rating: (53 ratings)

It is dangerous to deceive a husband of magic-using rank... Juliette has been banished for the summer to a village above Grenoble: a few Alpine houses, a deep lake, blue sky, and no society. Now she writes...

five poems., by actuallydael
Average member rating: (1 rating)

an experiment in twine. made to express the feeling of writing and handling five poems at the same time, while composing one big poem that has constant links between them. these poems were conceived while...

Floatpoint, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (98 ratings)

It is night on this side of the planet. Settled areas are lit: a jagged crescent in the tropics, lining the inland sea. The bright splatter along the top of the curve is Tanhua, as bright from space as New...

Galatea, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (334 ratings)

Emily Short's description: A conversation with a work of art. "47. Galatea. White Thasos marble. Non-commissioned work by the late Pygmalion of Cyprus. (The artist has since committed suicide.) Originally...

The Gift of What You Notice More, by Xavid and Zan
Average member rating: (10 ratings)

If you're gonna get your heart broke, you'd better do it just right... ...

Glass, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (106 ratings)

The Prince sits awkwardly on the couch, holding his glass slipper and trying to keep it from crushing. Lucinda and Theodora have the ends of the same couch, and they are taking turns seeing who can bend...

Goduality, by Valentin "Samus" Thomas
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Goduality est une aventure textuelle mêlant science-fiction et mythologie abordant le thème des troubles de la personnalité. Sur une terre dans un futur lointain où cohabitent humains et extra-terrestres,...
Gone Out For Gruyere, by B F Lindsay
Average member rating: (13 ratings)
"Just TRY getting me out of the way! HA HA HA!!" chortled the giant wheel of cheese, diminishingly.

Goose, Egg, Badger, by Brian Rapp
Average member rating: (21 ratings)

Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (84 ratings)

A far-future story of discovery.

Holography, by Emily Short

The king died and then the queen died of grief.

I Am Prey, by Joey Tanden
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

A horror-lite science fiction game of evasion. (Experimental game: Reading the included survival guide before playing is highly recommended.) Inspired by the casual and round-based designs of visual indie...

Impetum Maleficus, by Hamish McIntyre
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Things are pretty weird during a Wizard Apocalypse. Try to get to safety, before it's too late!

In the Service of Mrs. Claus, by Mathbrush
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

Let me tell you the true secret of Christmas: Santa Claus died centuries ago. You see, in ancient times, as the Gods began to die, Santa Claus married a goddess. She was worshiped as Bast in Egypt, as...

Indigo, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (54 ratings)

"Years ago, a witch placed you in this tower and arranged for your upkeep, paying certain villagers well to keep you supplied with the most basic necessities, and no more. Your years in the tower have...

Inform School, by William J. Shlaer
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

NOTE: This "game" warns about the possibility (certainty!) of eventually crashing your interpreter. This will happen. It also warns about possibly locking up your entire computer. This is highly unlikely in...

Invisible Parties, by Sam Kabo Ashwell (as Psychopup)
Average member rating: (20 ratings)

You are a walker of the ways between the worlds. It is not an arrangement conducive to straightforward relationships. The Three Rebeccas have created a tangle, a temporary artifice woven from parts of many...

Jäger der heiligen Steine - Ein Abenteuer in Raum und Zeit, by Heiko Spies
Average member rating: (1 rating)

This is the German version of the game. You can find the game in English and the related files here: Raiders of the Holy Stones "Jäger" ist eine klassisches Text Adventure. In einer Hommage an die...

The Kuolema, by Ben Jackson
Average member rating: (16 ratings)

An abandoned vessel is found, lost and adrift in the South China Sea. Its radio is silent, there's no sign of anyone on board. Your task: find out what happened, what cargo it was carrying and if it really...

Kyrie Eleison, by Lapin Lunaire Games
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

Kyrie Eleison (Κύριε, ἐλέησον) ...
La Bibliothèque Monde, by Demiurge55
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Cette histoire se déroule dans une bibliothèque de la taille d'un monde. Un jour, alors que le monde commença à s'oublier lui-même, les Archivistes entendirent une rumeur à propos d'un livre contenant les...

Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory, by Katherine Morayati
Average member rating: (23 ratings)

Synpiece: A wearable technology that changes the wearer's mood. Users of the Synpiece can adjust the 'color' of their experience, which adjusts psychological traits mapped to hue (emotion), saturation...

Le jour où la Terre dégusta, by Yakkafo
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

​Vous croyiez devoir finir vos jours à enseigner la linguistique dans un amphithéâtre décrépi, quand la France vient vous confier une mission hors du commun : sauver la Terre d’un quiproquo interplanétaire.

Les choix de Wyn, by Julien Falconnet

"Les choix de Wyn" est une histoire dont vous êtes l'héroïne. Assez courte, elle permet de suivre les combats d'une enfant des rues sur une planète lointaine.

The Library, by Leonardo Boselli
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

When you read in the evening and a tale catches you, you immerse yourself in reading late into the night, until you fall asleep. It's night. You are reading the "Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges. You...

Limen, by Elizabeth DeCoste
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

An exploration of the surreal ambience of liminal spaces.

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
Average member rating: (491 ratings)

Pig lost! Boss say that it Grunk fault. Say Grunk forget about closing gate. Maybe boss right. Grunk not remember forgetting, but maybe Grunk just forget. -- IFComp 2007 blurb

Lux, by Agnieszka Trzaska
Average member rating: (20 ratings)

You wander around in darkness – even though the lights are on. Sandra is the only one to survive a mysterious attack on a deep space mining station. She is alive, but has lost her vision. Now Sandra must...

The Man from DEFRA, by Kevan Davis
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

You play as a goat whose goal is to prevent the slaughter of yourself and your herd by health officials from DEFRA. (DEFRA is the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, a UK government agency.)...

The Master of the Land, by Pseudavid
Average member rating: (27 ratings)

> An interactive fiction intrigue in an immersive and dynamic world. A world that changes with every action. Freedom to explore. Radically different playthroughs. Lots of dancing. People wearing skulls. > A...

A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Steve Meretzky
Average member rating: (116 ratings)

"If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not..." --Shakespeare It's 2031. The world is on the brink of chaos. In the United States of North America, spiraling...

Misty Hills, by Giuliano Roverato Martins Pereira
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

Wait for a tram in a weird fantasy world

Moquette, by Alex Warren
Average member rating: (19 ratings)

Tuesday morning. London Underground. Hangover. Journey begins.

Mother Tongue, by Nell Raban
Average member rating: (20 ratings)

You're sitting at home, minding your business, when your mom texts you. It's a familiar situation. But when the chat turns nostalgic, how do you reconcile her regrets about how she raised you with your own...

The Mulldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (45 ratings)

"In the event of my disappearance, my legacy shall not be distributed until every room in my museum has been searched in case I can be located." --Last Will and Testament, E. Mulldoon.

A Murder in Fairyland, by Abigail Corfman
Average member rating: (19 ratings)

Prince Blacktree is dead. All of the other fairy nobles are trying to claim credit. You're a traveling Open Sorcerer, and a convenient neutral party who just wants to get out of Fairyland. A whodunit where...

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin
Average member rating: (29 ratings)

Once and Future, by G. Kevin Wilson
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

Open Sorcery, by Abigail Corfman
Average member rating: (77 ratings)

You are online. You are fire and order. You are here to protect. ---- "Open Sorcery" is a game about technology, magic and becoming a person. It follows the development of an Elemental Firewall--a creature...

Orpheus: A Tragicomedy in Six Parts, by chromaticchaos
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

ORPHEUS: A TRAGICOMEDY There once was a fellow from Thrace, Who wouldn't accept his wife's fate-- With only a lyre, He walked through the fire, To spring her from Hades' place. But when the man met with the...

Prism, by Eliot M.B. Howard
Average member rating: (17 ratings)

Born to a city of wonders beyond your reach, scarcity has always been a close friend. As a courier, the city’s human infrastructure, you scale its roofworks, evade its constables, risk death every day for...

Pytho's Mask, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (68 ratings)

On the Night of the Comet, the usual astrological bonds do not hold, and the order of the universe is threatened. It is a time made for rebels and usurpers, and all who would claim the kingdom for...

The Road to Canterbury, by Kate Heartfield
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

May the best story win! Enter the medieval world of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," where your journey, and the stories you tell, will change history. "The Road to Canterbury" is a 175,000-word interactive...

The Roads not Taken, by manonamora
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

The Ritual awaits... Are you ready to make your choice? The one that will shape the rest of your life? Or will regret the roads not taken? This game was submitted to the 2023 Edition of the SpringThing, an...

Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (131 ratings)

The beautiful life is always damned, they say. As for you, you've overexpended yourself: fifteen years of prominence, champagne, carriage rides in the Tuileries, having your name whispered behind...

Scents & Semiosis, by Sam Kabo Ashwell, Cat Manning, Caleb Wilson, Yoon Ha Lee
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

A perfumer keeps a private collection of scents, each tied to a memory. Decide what they mean. Scents & Semiosis makes heavy use of procedural generation to create strange perfumes, full lives, and potent...

Sétanta - Au Cœur Du Labyrinthe, by Luigi June
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Vous vous réveillez ligoté à un rocher, amnésique, dans un souterrain à moitié inondé. À votre cou pend une amulette décorée d’un triskel scintillant. Quatre échappatoires s’offrent à vous, distinguables par...

Six, by Wade Clarke
Average member rating: (40 ratings)

Your name is Harriet Leitner, and you and your twin sister Demi turned six this morning! You're having a fancy dress birthday party, and this afternoon you'll be playing Hide and Seek Tip over in the park....

Slap That Fish, by Peter Nepstad
Average member rating: (32 ratings)

This time, those fishy bastards are finally going to get what's coming to them.

Snowquest, by Eric Eve
Average member rating: (47 ratings)

You've been on your quest so long you've almost forgotten what it is all about, but now you are nearing your destination -- if only you can stay alive long enough in this frozen wilderness to reach it.

Solarium, by Anya Johanna DeNiro
Average member rating: (54 ratings)

The year is 1954. One year after mutually assured destruction. And I am trying to find you, through memory and alchemy. Not many people know how the nuclear devastation really happened. But we do. We were...

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (307 ratings)

A vacation in our lovely country! See the ethnic charms of the countryside, the historic grandeur of the capital city. Taste our traditional cuisine; smell the flowers of the Old Tree. And all without...

Stay?, by E. Jade Lomax
Average member rating: (22 ratings)

STAY? CHOOSE YOUR OWN HAPPY ENDING Welcome to Elaia, a magical city nestled in a high valley. It's the end of your first year at university & time to choose your major. Find yourself among potential friends...

Sting, by Mike Russo
Average member rating: (17 ratings)

Six bees. Five bags of groceries. A four-pound dumbbell. Three sailboats. One twin. Sting is a puzzleless parser memoir about ordinary days and unexpected interruptions.

Sunny's Summer Vacation, by Lucas C. Wheeler
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

You play as a Corgi with your family on vacation. Your girl is having family trouble, and you want to help her navigate a changing dynamic

Sweetpea, by Sophia de Augustine
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

Someone claiming to be your father is trying to break in. Following the eponymous Sweetpea is: a mosaic faced guardian angel, something wearing her father’s guise, and the detritus of life in their gently...

Swigian, by Mathbrush (as Rainbus North)
Average member rating: (34 ratings)

I don't like talking. Let's build a fire. Swigian is a minimalist game. It is long, but quickly finished, with few words and few complications.

Their Time in This World, by Kastel
Average member rating: (1 rating)

GOOD AT KEEPING TIME? Since the time dislocation phenomena began a few years ago, people all over the universe have been frozen in time. We don't know where the sands of time came from, but we do know that...

Une soirée costumée, by Julien Zamor
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Une histoire écrite en moins de 4h pour l'ECTOCOMP 2022 (édition française) Cette histoire est conçue pour faire peur aux enfants et amuser les parents.

The Unfinished Country, by Phantom Williams
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

A post-apocalyptic story of power, corruption, fear, hunger, waiting.

Voices, by Aris Katsaris
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed, by Amanda Walker
Average member rating: (38 ratings)

Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving… Come home to Goldengrove, a beautiful old house haunted by a lost soul. Uncover the secrets of your tormented past in a tale of unrequited love,...

Where is everyone?, by Gareth Meyrick

You have been living the same day on a loop for over a year, your monotonous routine never varying. Each morning, you rise from your slumber, feed your beloved feline companion, Felix, before attempting, and...

Will Not Let Me Go, by Stephen Granade
Average member rating: (66 ratings)

Dallas, Texas. 1996. Fred Strickland has Alzheimer's.

With Those We Love Alive, by Porpentine and Brenda Neotenomie
Average member rating: (111 ratings)

no dreams written by porpentine scored by brenda neotenomie

Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton
Average member rating: (90 ratings)

For over 20 years, I dreamed about an alternate universe I called the Higher World. For three of those years, I poured almost all of my creative energy into a novel-length story set in that universe. Worlds...

The Xylophoniad, by Robin Johnson
Average member rating: (17 ratings)

The King of Anachronopolis has ordered you to end the Trojan War, slay the dreaded Bicyclops, and rescue a couple of inmates from Hades. A comic adventure set in Greek mythology.

You are SpamZapper 3.1, by Leon Arnott
Average member rating: (29 ratings)


Your body is made of waves, by Matteo Pozzi and Annamaria Andrea

Your body is made of waves is a short text-based game experience, an interactive poem that invites meditation and self-cognition Inspired by Yoko Ono's instructional poetry and Alejandro Jodorowsky's...

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