7th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2001)

The annual competition for original IF, judged by the readership of rec.arts.int-fiction.

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Series: Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Official Web site: www.ifcomp.org

Organizer(s): Stephen Granade profile

Award date: November 15, 2001

Submission deadline: September 28, 2001

Games and Awards

1st Place: All Roads, by Jon Ingold
2nd Place: Moments Out of Time, by L. Ross Raszewski
3rd Place: Heroes, by Sean Barrett
4th Place: No Time To Squeal, by Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin
5th Place: The Beetmonger's Journal, by Scott Starkey
6th Place: Vicious Cycles, by Simon Mark
7th Place: Best of Three, by Emily Short
8th Place: Earth and Sky, by Paul O'Brian
9th Place: Triune, by Papillon
10th Place: Film at Eleven, by Bowen Greenwood
11th Place: Prized Possession, by Kathleen M. Fischer
12th Place: Journey from an Islet, by Mario Becroft
13th Place: Grayscale, by Daniel Freas
14th Place: The Chasing, by Anssi Räisänen
15th Place: The Coast House, by Stephen Newton and Dan Newton
16th Place: A Night Guest, by Valentine Kopteltsev
16th Place: Carma, by Marnie Parker
18th Place: Fusillade, by Mike Duncan
18th Place: Fine-Tuned, by Dennis Jerz
20th Place: The Evil Sorcerer, by Gren Remoz
21st Place: The Gostak, by Carl Muckenhoupt
22nd Place: The Isolato Incident, by Alan DeNiro
23rd Place: Crusade, by John Gorenfeld
24th Place: 2112, by George K. Algire
25th Place: You Are Here, by Roy Fisher
26th Place: Elements, by John Evans
27th Place: The Cruise, by Norman Perlmutter
28th Place: Bane of the Builders, by Bogdan Baliuc
28th Place: To Otherwhere and Back, by Greg Ewing
30th Place: Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country, by Adam Thornton
31st Place: Kallisti, by James Mitchelhill
32nd Place: Colours, by J. Robinson Wheeler
32nd Place: The Cave of Morpheus, by Mark Silcox
32nd Place: Silicon Castles, by David Given
35th Place: Timeout, by Stephen Hilderbrand
36th Place: Begegnung am Fluss, by Florian Edlbauer
37th Place: an apple from nowhere, by Brendan Barnwell
37th Place: Stranded, by Rich Cummings
39th Place: Schroedinger's Cat, by James Willson
40th Place: Stick it to the man, by Brendan Barnwell
41st Place: Jump, by Chris Mudd
42nd Place: Volcano Isle, by Paul DeWitt
43rd Place: Mystery Manor, by Dana Crane
44th Place: Invasion of the Angora-fetish Transvestites from the Graveyards of Jupiter, by Morten Rasmussen
45th Place: SURREAL, by Matthew Lowe
46th Place: Goofy, by Ricardo Dague
47th Place: The Test, by Matt Dark Baron
48th Place: Lovesong, by Mihalis Georgostathis
49th Place: The Newcomer, by Jason Love
50th Place: The Last Just Cause, by Jeremy Carey-Dressler
51st Place: You Were Doomed From the Start, by Jeremy Carey-Dressler

Miss Congeniality Awards

The top games as voted by the authors of the entries.

1st Place: All Roads, by Jon Ingold
2nd Place: The Beetmonger's Journal, by Scott Starkey
3rd Place: Vicious Cycles, by Simon Mark

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