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For all systems. To play, you'll need a glulx interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.
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For all systems. To play, you'll need a glulx interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.

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Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country

by Adam Thornton profile

Satire/Pornographic/Space Exploration

(based on 19 ratings)
1 member review

About the Story

"Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country. A game months in the making. A game designed to stretch the limits of Glulx Inform, and completely shatter the boundaries of good taste. A game described by sentence fragments. A game so powerfully vile that it should not be experienced by the elderly, those under 3' 6", or those with weak hearts. Stiffy Makane. X-trek. Very, *very* alternative sexualities. Play at your own risk." [--blurb from Competition Aught-One]

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: 1
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform 6
Baf's Guide ID: 1656
IFID: GLULX-1-010928-EBF25933
TUID: mws9p7rd0h1avuz2


Nominee, Best Puzzles; Nominee, Best Individual NPC - 2001 XYZZY Awards

30th Place - 7th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2001)

Editorial Reviews

>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

SMTUC opened my eyes to several things that I could have happily lived my entire life without seeing, and put several images in my head that will no doubt haunt me to my grave, but it was a good time for all that... SMTUC takes a sly swipe at what's really offensive about most AIF: the fact that it takes one of our most intimate, personal human behaviors, and reduces it to an exercise in hoop-jumping, involving thoroughly dehumanized players. Honestly, I have no idea whether this was at all Adam's (oh sorry, "Bruce's") intention, but that's how it struck me. Is it some kind of revolution or great step forward? Nah, but it was fun to see (and hear, and read about) Stiffy hoisted, as the saying goes, by his own petard.
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18 of 23 people found the following review helpful:
Offensively dull, February 5, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
So an IF member suggested that I review this story since apparently nobody else wanted to do it, which is odd since it has as of this review, over 15 ratings and there is an outside review of it linked.

Now Iím going to keep it ďcleanĒ, but given the subject matter, this review might still get a little ďadultĒ in parts. Be prepared.

Okay, well immediately the game tells me to read the first one since there will be references I wonít get unless I do, which Iím loathed to do since thatís more work than I wanted to do. Happily it turned out, the first one wants me to download something weird to my computer in order to play it which solves that problem because Iím not about to download anything just to play it.

So I press on without the advantage of past references or whatever else the author wanted me to know. However, Star Wars and Star Trek are pretty well known, so those references are easy. Space Moose would be fairly obscure, but I actually knew about that one from knowing something of underground comics.

The references I didnít know at all were the IF community members because quite frankly I donít keep up on whoís supposed to be popular within those ranks. Couldnít quite tell if these were meant to be playful jabs or outright insulting mockery by the author. First Iíd heard of any of them, then again I hadnít heard of the author of this story either until it was suggested to me.

I guess this game had music and graphics too, but I was just playing via the online link provided. Just as well since I could just judge it based on writing content alone.

Since I know this is primarily something known to be horribly offensive, I naturally attempt to engage in doing such things and soon learn that some of this isnít the case. So it isnít like I get to automatically force myself on anyone. Of course that might very well make it too easy, but the game could have gave a death scene or something for attempting it. Not sure why so many IFs shy away from death.

It was also my understanding that the protagonist, Stiffy was some sort of sexual degenerate to the Nth degree, so I was sort of surprised when I couldnít try to sex up the old lady or the corpses. Already Iím disappointed with how this was handled.

I mean even if the author for some strange reason didnít want to really push those ďboundariesĒ like he was attempting to do, there were better ways than just ďYou donít want to do that.Ē

For example, the old lady had a pistol, she could have shot you in the groin or something which could have made for a funny scene about feeling pain despite it being a hologram and how you decide not to try that again.

Hell, I could have written a whole amusing fail scene alone for the corpse one.

"You've never really tried cold packing before, but a hole's a hole right? You go over the corpses and try to pick out the most intact one. You eventually find one that looks like Kristen Bell, if Kristen Bell was horribly burned all over, missing a leg and had maggots crawling in her orifices. Closing your eyes and remembering episodes of "The Good Place" you get started... Five minutes later you're retching and busily trying to brush the maggots off your penis. One thing you've learn from all this, is you're definitely not cut out for necrophilia."

Well thatís what I would have written anyway.

So the first two sex encounters with the hologirl and the engineer are pretty dull. Barely pornographic compared to say that Sexual Service Act game.

The next two encounters get super graphic with the gay furry alien sex. Technically the Space Moose rapes you, but itís one of those things where gay furry alien rape is apparently full of lols. The arena gay sex battle with the Klingon was just an exercise in attempting to make the porn amusing. Just seemed like it was trying too hard though.

Eventually I wind up on the bridge again and I was trying to figure out where to go next. I tried to go to the planet where my engineer apparently went, but the computer didnít recognize that command. Actually, all throughout the game the parser was a bit on the annoying side with being precise.

Not really feeling very motivated to play anymore or figure out how to proceed, I just left Stiffy to wander his ship forever alone. Itís completely possible I missed out on the greatest stuff yet to come in the game, but it seemed like that was as good of an end as any.

Now based on one of the outside reviews, there was some mention of this being satire which is definitely was as far as the whole Star Trek/Wars thing, the problem is thatís been parodied so much (Even in a sexual way) that itís dull.

The review also mentions how it was doing some sort of ground breaking in ďfeminism.Ē

Lol, no. Just no.

First of all letís not mistake what this game is and giving it ďstatusĒ where it doesnít really exist. The game basically has you getting raped by a giant space moose. Fairly certain rape of any kind played for laughs is the very antithesis of any sort of feminist theory. (Not to mention this rape has the protagonist have some sort of ďgay awakening.Ē I can see THAT one being pretty problematic with a certain crowd.)

I guarantee this game wasnít written to make some sort of statement of how the objectification of the ladies is wrong and all that. It was just porn that focused more on the gay furry alien sex rather than the hetero kind and was written for the lols. Thatís it.

Didnít really do it for me though of course. I could probably just turn on the TV if I wanted to see bad Star Wars/Star Trek parodies with gay furry alien sex except now theyíre actually canon.

In any case, thatís the review. Hope it was worth it.

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